Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Meet the smart suitcase the Real Madrid will carry

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

ContxtoPlevo, founded by Argentine Federico Pelatti, may offer the next biggest thing in travel tech. And having the Real Madrid on board to use these “smart suitcases” speaks of their high tier.

Not only that, Plevo is also currently negotiating with other professional sports teams including someone (or multiple someones?) from the NBA to take up its sleek products.

 Pfft, you didn’t think professional soccer players traveled with normal suitcases did you?

Plevo’s techy travelware

Behold… the most decked out suitcase you’re likely to find: 

Plevo offers suitcases as well as handbags and accessories.

This thing is designed with travelers’ biggest needs in mind. 

It has a smart lock so the owner can access its contents via Face ID, Touch ID, and even Morse Code.

Likewise, to avoid messing with a scale at home or at the airport, it has a weight sensor built in. Plus, since you never want to lose sight of luggage, the suitcase comes with an anti-theft system that sends off an alarm if it gets too far from its owner. 

And if you’re afraid of losing your luggage after handing it off to the airline, it has a GPS system to track it.

IoT: The Internet of Travel

But that’s not all.

We greatly rely on our cell phones when we travel and constantly need to charge them. Or one can let Plevo’s suitcase do it as it comes with a removable nickel ion battery.

Furthermore, because it’s nickel-based and isn’t lithium-ion-powered, it complies with airport regulations. Care to remember that, since Samsung phones started exploding, airlines and authorities aren’t too keen on lithium-ion.

If all of this wasn’t enough, Plevo is also working to take the travel experience to the next level. Mainly by ramping up its app to become a travel assistant. For example, to initiate the check-in process at the airport as the user gets ready to take their Uber.

While the travel industry will recover slowly, Plevo expects users to embrace innovative solutions so they can keep traveling while keeping a safe distance.

“People are saying that the pandemic fast-forwarded society’s adoption of tech, like e-commerce, by a decade. We believe that that will spread into various areas,” explains Federico Pelatti.

The world is increasingly interconnected and people are beginning to understand that they can’t travel the way they used to. Like, not having the certainty of knowing that your suitcase is at the airport as you wait by the baggage carousel or it’s on the other side of the planet.”

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