Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Big data startup Zoox raises US$5 million through HDI Seguros

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – What’s the one hot commodity airports, hotels, restaurants, and retailers all have in common? WiFi. Users are addicted to it and companies know it’s become a basic requirement. But one enterprise wants to make the benefits of offering WiFi a two-way street.

To that end, Brazilian Big Data Zoox recently raised R$27 million (~US$5 million) in an investment round led by HDI Seguros and who was joined by 2A Investimentos.

The startup will use the funds to further develop its products and help companies in the retail, consumer, and hospitality industries bounce back from the coronavirus pandemic.

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Zoox and the big (data) picture

Zoox offers hotels, restaurants, retailers, and other service industry businesses a platform for their customers to use wireless internet. But that’s just how Zoox initially gets through the door. The Brazilian startup also provides something just as juicy to the companies it works with: data. 

Upon tapping into Zoox’s WiFi system, it builds a profile of that user and keeps track of the information they submit. It also procures businesses with heatmaps to see where the connection hotspots are so they can manage resources accordingly.

Meanwhile, as users surf the internet, businesses can curate and launch targeted marketing campaigns to generate more sales. For example by notifying them of upcoming events and promotions. Zoox’s platform registers how users interact with this media. That way, sales and marketing teams can readjust their content.

Slightly creepy but useful, the system also works to track users to understand where they go as they stay connected to the local WiFi.

An Internet of Users

Last but not least, Zoox developed face recognition technology so users avoid lines at establishments for a more seamless experience.

WiFi connections are becoming a must-have, in virtually all industries. And companies are eager to comply and benefit from the data insights platforms like Zoox’s offer. But I ponder at how comfortable guests would feel about being tracked. 

But then again—it’s far too common for people to hit “accept” to any Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy without truly understanding what they’ve accepted.

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