Brazilian healthtech Ânimo Wellness gets pumped with US$300,000 pre-seed round

Brazilian Healthtech Ânimo Wellness Gets Pumped With Us$300,000 Pre-seed Round Brazilian Healthtech Ânimo Wellness Gets Pumped With Us$300,000 Pre-seed Round
brazilian healthtech Ânimo wellness gets pumped with us$300,000 pre-seed round

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Contxto – Investors made a pre-seed bet worth US$300,000 on Brazilian healthtech Ânimo Wellness a week ago. It appears the startup’s offering of a training and music app struck the right note with Barrah Investimentos (B1), IndicatorCapital, Wharton Angels, Studying Foundation Alumni Partners, Lupa Capital, and various angels. 

Among this flock of individual investors was Sergio Furio the Founder of Creditas and Guilherme Bonifacio the Co-founder of iFood.

Ânimo Wellness will use the investment to hire more staff and further develop its app.

On the importance of founders

Jay Lanners, Jonathan Korn, and Vinicius Zani created Ânimo Wellness in 2018. All three co-founders have impressive backgrounds in venture capital (VC) and tech companies. 

Lanners was born in the US. However, he moved to São Paulo to work at Amadeus Capital Partners’ branch in Brazil. He soon fell in love with the country’s startup ecosystem and chose to launch Ânimo Wellness

Korn had worked at an e-commerce solutions provider, VTEX, as its Product Lead in Global Development Experience, though he’d previously contributed to other early-stage startups.

As for Zani, he knows his way around VCs having worked at a major multi-family office, Consenso, for nearly five years.

One of the reasons the startup raised the investment was because of its founders.

“This is one of the most promising founding teams we’ve ever seen,” stated Pedro Sirotsky, a Partner at Barrah. “They are rock stars that complement each other very well.” 


There’s something empowering when a person hits the gym and that song is played.

The one that gets you pumped to run faster, lift more, or hold that gosh-darned plank a few seconds longer. 

Or, you have a trainer who has an infinite amount of ideas and routines to make the best of your fitness routine.

Well, Ânimo Wellness is well aware of this.

Consequently, it wants to ensure every workout that’s put in is as mega motivating and productive as possible through music and trainers. Just download and listen through your earphones. The app provides new routines and music mixes every week.

It boasts the availability of hundreds of classes from professionals with various categories, such as outdoor running, treadmill, functional workouts, weight training, walking, and yoga. All focus on upping a person’s condition and burning fat, which is awesome and practical.

Nonetheless, as someone who resides outside of Brazil, I’ll just have to settle for whatever mishmash of music Spotify dishes out.

If you know of any cool songs that can help drown the cries of my legs for when I go jogging, let me know.

Brazilian Healthtech Ânimo Wellness Gets Pumped With Us0,000 Pre-seed Round


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