Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Adtech Chiligum raises US$365,000 with GVAngels and BR Angels

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Contrary to popular belief, working in marketing doesn’t mean staff is always immersed in a world of sunshine, lollipops, and creativity. Unfortunately, there are routine (boring) tasks that take up their time and thus a business’ resources.

So to add a little automation and efficiency to that process, adtech Chiligum recently raised R$2 million (~US$365,000) through GVAngels and BR Angels Smart Network. The Brazilian startup will use the funds to further develop its technology and grow.

Why it’s a big deal: Analysts at Gartner have found that because of the coronavirus pandemic, marketing departments will have to make do with less. This might initially bode trouble for startups that work with marketing and adtech. 

But if anything, Chiligum’s case illustrates that startups that automate operations and save resources, can certainly benefit from companies’ limited budgets

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Adtech and media startup Chiligum 

Chiligum began in 2013 as a startup that addressed the video production needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Although its Founder and CEO, Deborah Folloni realized that there was a bigger market opportunity going after larger-sized companies.

Correspondingly, it shifted its focus and went on to add enterprises like Ambev and iFood to its customer portfolio. 

Likewise it’s expanded the range of services it offers. Chiligum’s tech currently offers automation solutions for digital media in various formats like banners, images, and printed media. 

Through its software and templates, a single design can be re-adapted into the desired format whether it’s for a YouTube video, an image on Facebook, and so on.

The need for automation isn’t just native to businesses in Brazil though.

“Today, the startup operates in a segment that tends to grow a lot, especially with the ongoing pandemic in which many companies are investing heavily in e-commerce,” says Wlado Teixeira, Executive Director at GVAngels. “The solution offered by the company brings the agility of producing the advertising campaigns that the market needs.”

Automation will take a job or two in marketing away. But in exchange, it may give people more time to brainstorm strategies to better appease customers.

In short, trade-offs, that’s all it is.

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