Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Fazenda Futuro launches meat-free burger in Dubai

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Last we heard of Brazilian foodtech, Fazenda Futuro, it was launching its meat-free meat in Europe. But now it’s expanding into a very different market.

As of last week, Fazenda Futuro’s veggie burger can be found in the United Arab Emirates. 

Locals interested in buying this “meat of the future” can do so via an e-commerce website from Dubai. What’s more, demand is so promising within this new market that the startup reports it’s had to increase factory production.

Is this foreshadowing the end of meat consumption in the long term? Nope. As usual, it’s a little more complicated than that.

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“Meating” various challenges

The globalization of meat-free substitutes isn’t an absolute sign of their triumph.

Unfortunately for cows, chickens, and the environment in general, for most people, buying animal meat is still cheaper than purchasing substitutes. Moreover, shoppers may be reluctant to shift to alternatives if they stray from the genuine taste of meat.

Moreover, many of these vegan products are hailed as “healthier” because they’re plant-based. Although it’s not necessarily the case given these types of products can be processed and thus contain additives and preservatives.

But still… our animal friends would be pleased if you stopped eating them.

Fazenda Futuro for the win?

In any case, Fazenda Futuro believes it has an edge over US-based competitors like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods when it comes to the “meat-free showdown.” And this secret weapon can (literally) be found in Brazilian soil.

“Brazil is a major vegetable producer,” states Marcos Leta, Founder and CEO of Fazenda Futuro. “That is our cost advantage, which gives us a 70 percent market share in vegetable meat substitutes.”

Undoubtedly the Latam country is a real powerhouse when it comes to producing soybeans and this crop just so happens to be one of Fazenda’s primary ingredients. 

The United States may be the home turf of Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat. But Fazenda Futuro is ready to get a bite out of the rest of the world.

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