Fintech Creditas to hire 2,000 and offer new services in 2020

Fintech Creditas To Hire 2,000 And Offer New Services In 2020 Fintech Creditas To Hire 2,000 And Offer New Services In 2020
fintech creditas to hire 2,000 and offer new services in 2020

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Contxto – Last Friday (13), Brazilian fintech Creditas announced the manpower it will need for its 2020 plans. The startup aims to increase from its 1,500 staff members to 2,000 by year’s end.

All this hiring is so Creditas can expand the types of loan-related solutions it offers in Brazil, as well as bring these products into Mexico, where it entered last year.

Soon, users will have access to loans via payroll. It’s also dishing out another option so people can pay for non-financial services items, like a new laptop, through installments.

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Catch up with fintech Creditas

As you may recall, this fintech raised an investment round for US$231 million from SoftBank in July of last year. Thanks to these funds, Sergio Furio, its Founder and CEO, stated to Empresas & Negócios that it’s been able to develop three projects: its arrival to Mexico, increase its number of financial services, and increase its non-financial type services.

On that line of thought and fundraising, Creditas also bought a fintech startup, Creditoo, last August for an undisclosed amount. And that purchase is what’s enabled it to develop its latest payroll loan feature.

Meanwhile, the fintech is also enabling loans via payroll. So when employees are in a squeeze, their employer can, in turn, rely on Creditas to help finance their staff. Thus bringing a pretty big relief for HR departments. 

This is a feature that’s been emerging quite frequently within the fintech scene and Creditas doesn’t want to miss out.

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Quick tips to tap into talent

Speaking of hiring, I’ve had friends in HR struggle to find the right talent to fit job slots in startups. Likewise, in the absence of HR staff, founders and CEOs of early-stage startups also scramble to find personnel to thrust the business forward.

If either is your case (or you’re curious), here are a few strategies that go beyond LinkedIn searches and/or posting an opening on a generic website to spot talent:

Attend specialized events and network. 

For example, if you want a UX Developer, go to one of these unique events. You’ll likely find some of the community’s most enthusiastic creators there. It also helps give your startup visibility.

Launch educational programs.

Show your stuff! Hold workshops on programming, writing, or whatever you consider is worth offering to others. And if you can avoid charging participants or keep the cost low. It’s a fantastic way of “giving back” while also hunting for talent.

Moreover, this lets you see potential candidates in action as well as compatibility with your business culture.

Try specialized websites. 

Startups are almost always hunting for programmers, so instead of going to all-encompassing job posting websites, try industry-niche ones. One example from Latam is Chilean Get On Board. It’s all centered on the employment needs and profiles of startups and the IT industry.

So are you ready to hire or what?

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