Google for Startups announces latest accelerator cohort in Brazil

Google For Startups Announces Latest Accelerator Cohort In Brazil Google For Startups Announces Latest Accelerator Cohort In Brazil
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Contxto – Google for Startups in Brazil recently announced the latest group of companies accepted into its triannual accelerator program. Among the 10 selected enterprises, the majority are B2B companies.

And something they all share in common is that they’re in a more advanced stage. Likewise they need extra help as they’re facing technical obstacles in advertising, cloud, and/or machine learning. Topics the accelerator excels at handling.

As a result of being selected, for the next three months, they’ll be working (remotely) with experts and partnering companies to overcome these challenges.

Google for Startups Brazil


Every university student is different and thus requires an academic program that meets their needs. Through Blox, higher learning institutions can find a powerful ally to help them build flexible and personalized curricular content for every learner.

CM Tecnologia

The world of healthtechs is increasingly diverse and filled with startups running telemedicine platforms, electronic prescriptions and appointment systems, to name a few. To help healthcare providers manage the data uploaded onto these solutions, CM Tecnologia consolidates the information on its platform.


Disasters within the energy industry can mean millions in losses for companies. Through Delfos, they access a platform that uses artificial intelligence to monitor assets and operations to prevent system failures.

Dom Rock

Everyone wants to make data-driven decisions. But even when you have the information, it can still be difficult to reach a resolution. That’s where Dom Rock comes in. Through its platform, companies can automate decisions related to operations, the customer journey, as well as for revenue-related matters.


All companies need IT systems and support. And thanks to EUNERD, they can save money and outsource these needs through the startup’s marketplace of IT experts.

Hi Technologies

Curitiba-based Hi Technologies makes it possible for patients to take lab tests at their local pharmacy. And in recent months it even launched a device that allows people to take the Covid-19 test and have their results reportedly within 25 minutes.


The legal system in Brazil is overloaded with cases. So why not try some legal online mediation through MOL? The startup has some big companies as its customers including Itaú Bank and Mercado Libre.


When it comes to our personal finances and health, we all need a little help to make the right decision. Users can find assistance through Movva’s chatbots that encourage you to make the best choices and achieve the desired results.


With private education, you literally can put a price on education. And often it’s very pricey. But thanks to Pravaler, students can find lending solutions that match their needs and budget to make tuition.


Fintech Vindi lets business owners manage payments and billing on one platform. That way, there’s less administrative work and more time to focus on growing their enterprise.

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