Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Brazilian startup Harmo has its eye on the feedback economy

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Reviewr, a startup that helps businesses manage their digital reputation has merged with Gorila, another Brazilian startup that’s all about measuring customer satisfaction. Together, they’ve created Harmo.

Through this merger, Harmo will be fully focused on helping companies manage feedback and build on the consumer experience. In that sense, the Brazilian startup also aspires to contribute to companies’ acquisition strategies. 

As far as leadership roles go, Reviewr’s CEO became Harmo’s CEO. Meanwhile, Gorila’s CEO becomes the Chief Product Officer (CPO) at the firm.

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Harmo and the feedback economy

For this newly minted startup, the future lies in the feedback economy.

“The relationship between the brand and the consumer is more digital than ever,” stated Harmo on its website. 

“Customers are communicating with brands through several digital channels at the same time. They also want to buy from trusted brands that are well-rated by other consumers. And they want to connect with more humanized brands that listen to what they have to say about the delivered experience.”

Truly through social media and online communication platforms, consumers have multiple channels through which they can praise or lash out against a brand. Moreover, their standards go beyond simply “buying” a product or service. 

Customers are interested in a great experience, a company’s values, heck—even their political views are gaining relevance—. More than ever do these details contribute to making or breaking a business.

It’s a lot of information for PR and marketing to soak in, right? That’s why startups like Harmo want to do all that data heavy lifting.

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