Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Edtech Classpert closes US$965,000 looking to boost content before Covid bonanza ends

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Even prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Iporanga Ventures had seen potential in edtech Classpert and its online content.

“Our meeting with Classpert started just before the pandemic, when the scenario was still different. We already liked the company in a regular market context, and the pandemic accelerated sales even more,” says Leonardo Teixeira, Partner at Iporanga.

So it’s only natural that the venture capital (VC) firm recently led a seed round for R$5 million (~US$965,000) in Classpert. Other participants included Canary and investors angels Eduardo Wurzmann (Ibmec Educacional) as well as Mario Pinheiro (Strategy Concursos).

Thanks to the investment, the edtech will be hiring additional staff, improving its platform, and offering more learning content.

Prior to this round, the startup had closed a pre-seed investment with fellow Brazilian edtech, Quero Educação.

What’s next for edtechs like Classpert?

We’ve talked a fair amount of how many e-learning startups are seeing unprecedented growth as a result of the pandemic. But as quarantine measures decrease, and it’s safer to go outside, it’s logical that participation in online learning platforms will slowly fall.

When that happens, what will separate the wheat from the chaff among edtechs?

If you’ve been paying attention, these startups share a common problem with remote work: keeping people engaged.

Hate to break it to you, but there is only so much a kooky Zoom background can do to keep people interested in what’s going on on their computer screen.

E-learning goes far beyond just having someone talk for an hour while standing in front of a whiteboard. 

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Edtechs that analyze and improve the user experience through meaningful activities will do better than those that just “vomit” content. Much like in a physical classroom, learners’ participation is critical and edtechs need to build these interactions with their students.

Nonetheless, carrying out a high-level of analysis to improve the learning experience often requires help from experts who don’t necessarily provide their services at a discount.

Startups with the resources to do so should invest in engaging with their learners and preparing their teachers for it as well. 

That way, they’re not just one-hit wonders during the pandemic.

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