LinkApi from Brazil lands R$5 million during seed round

Linkapi From Brazil Lands R$5 Million During Seed Round Linkapi From Brazil Lands R$5 Million During Seed Round
linkapi from brazil lands r$5 million during seed round

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Contxto – Houston, we have lift-off. Brazilian powerhouse LinkApi recently raised 5 million reals (approximately US$1.33 million) following preliminary investments from Cassis Capital and Wayra Brasil.

“They are intelligent people with determination and a good business model,” said Cassis co-founder Jander Martins.

He led the effort with 2 million reals (US$530 thousand) based on his confidence in LinkApi. “I have no doubt that the future will involve connections between different systems and LinkApi’s platform making this work easier because it can be used to connect almost any type of system.”

One of the great advantages is being able to integrate everything, regardless of the language used.

Equipped with fresh capital, the São Paulo-based iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) company will elevate its technology and boost sales. Even more, LinkApi plans to hire new personnel in addition to updating its strategic plan.

Linkapi From Brazil Lands R Million During Seed Round

Who is LinkApi?

Thiago Lima founded LinkApi in 2017 to remedy his frustrations with information technology, especially system integration. The practice combines different operating systems into one coherent multifunctional platform, which can be convoluted, to say the least.

Historically, system integration is a time-consuming undertaking that requires advanced technical knowledge. Like most entrepreneurs, though, Lima wanted to solve a problem while inspiring others. That’s to say, hitting the jackpot wasn’t his priority. His efforts seem to be paying off nicely, though.

“Receiving an investment in this amount with only one year of operation is very rewarding,” said Lima, hoping that LinkApi will grow 300 percent this year. “It shows that we are on the right track. We have grown approximately 12 percent a month. With this investment, I am sure we will be able to scale our business even further.”

Thanks to strong R&D (research and development) efforts, the B2B company assists startups in modernizing operations. Included in LinkApi’s software is SaaS (software as a service), cloud technology and analytical tools – all of which improve corporate work environments.

What’s so appealing about iPaaS technology?

In today’s globalized economy, the iPaaS industry is worth around US$750 million, according to England’s Market Research Future. The British institute expects the emerging market to reach US$2 billion by 2023, increasing its size 22 percent a year.

Hands down, the speed and convenience of system integration benefits startups. When all of your ducks are in a row on integrated platforms, software functions faster. Therefore, businesses can improve performance rather than constantly troubleshoot technical problems.

“Integrating systems is a big challenge for every business, and it only gets more complex as companies grow,” said Renato Valente, manager of Wayra Brasil. “A global corporation the size of Telefonica, for example, has numerous integration challenges.

LinkApi’s solution helps by accelerating the process of digital transformation that the company is going through. “


For all intents and purposes, LinkApi means business. There’s a saying in the technology industry that conglomerates should eat their own “dog food.” In other words, developers ought to use the products they’re producing to instill trust among consumers. Otherwise, how will we know if it’s legitimate?

Well, that’s exactly what LinkApi is doing. Developers construct the product for other developers, which certainly puts partners at ease. Welcome to the digital revolution.


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