Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Marketing startup RankMyAPP ranks well with KPTL, raises investment

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

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Contxto – Large businesses and emerging startups alike are eager to attract users to their apps. But as the market floods with options, competition inevitably gets tougher. In that sense, RankMyAPP is a Brazilian startup that offers insights and marketing strategies to help its customers stand out in the app-filled crowd.

And São Paulo-based venture capital  (VC) giant KPTL has taken notice. To fuel its growth—primarily abroad—it recently invested an undisclosed amount in RankMyAPP.

RankMyAPP picks up an app’s slack

Apps have created niches of their own and within this category there’s Brazilian RankMyAPP. Founded in 2015, the startup reports to have operations in 17 countries. Part of its customer portfolio are names like Brazilian Itaú bank, Colombian Rappi, and ride-hailing 99.

Meanwhile on the financial side, investors at KPTL were impressed by the startup’s 182 percent growth spurt in 2019. So just what does RankMyAPP do to have caught the attention of Brazil’s largest VC fund?

As its name might give away, RankMyAPP asists app stakeholders in attracting new users and retaining them. This is possible by helping it be more visible on app stores, data analysis for improving marketing strategies, as well as crafting customized action plans.

It also interprets users’ behaviour, feedback, and app rating. That way, a stakeholder better understands why an app received two stars instead of the coveted five.

For a few quick tips on improving your app ranking on app stores, check out this video:

Startups and marketing in Latin America

With the incoming recession, it will be interesting to see how startups manage their marketing budgets. As per the playbook of startup/business survival mode, besides layoffs, budget cuts for marketing departments is also a common practice.

No doubt in the short term, mobile apps are acquiring new users every day. Activities like grocery shopping, learning, and exercise are achievable through apps. And while at the moment, we’re all greatly relying on our smartphones it will eventually end.

When that happens, the sands will quickly shift. 

Startups will be evaluating how many users they managed to retain and what they can do to attract more. This delicate analysis also means they have to factor in the economic slowdown and how that might affect their bottom line as well as their users’ behavior.

That’s where budget cuts to marketing and restructurings may happen.

Although for the bulky survivors of the recession, it may also be an opportunity to acquire weakened startups and have their pick of top talent.

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