Contxto – Content blog-turned-startup Transformação Digital recently raised R$5 million (US$1.1 million) in a seed round with EQI Investimentos.

The startup’s platform allows users to view live or recorded events. And in 2019 it covered eight in various topics including marketing, entrepreneurship, finances, among others. What’s more, it worked alongside big-names like IBM, fintech Creditas, and Rock Content.

But this year, the startup’s goal is to participate in 30 events, of larger size and in new industries.

With that goal in mind, the startup will use its investment to increase staff from its current 20 to 50 members in São Paulo and Florianópolis. Interestingly enough, both cities are key hubs for Brazil’s IT and startup ecosystem.

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Generating customer leads through events

Marketer Tiago Magnus and journalist Igor Lopes initiated Transformação Digital as a blog in 2017. But they came to realize many businesses were being overwhelmed by the digital wave and needed to further develop their outreach strategies to stay relevant.

Consequently, after pivoting, the startup began operating as a platform to host online events and conferences.

Transformação Digital sends its staff to record a gathering, lecture, or seminar. Users can view these events over the startup’s platform at no expense. 

But the startup does pick up on the viewer’s information which can be used as a customer lead by whoever organized the event.

In exchange, Transformação Digital charges the business for covering the event.

In sum, Transformação Digital adds an arrow in customer leads to a company’s marketing quiver. That way, businesses can make the most of the in-person events they organize through digital means.

Among other ways the startup aims to turn a profit is by selling independent content it recorded, much like a media agency.

EQI Investimentos, got to see Transformação Digital in action, after the startup organized an online event for them with over 70 speakers. But perhaps what EQI found most interesting was how the startup’s help resulted in 63,000 leads.

And because seeing is believing, it’s understandable why EQI moved forward with the funds.

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