Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

12 Chilean tech startups taking over the Real Estate industry

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – New “niche” industries continue to arise as technology advances. All you have to do is take a look at the Proptech sector. This may not be a new concept for the rest of the world, but it’s just starting to gain traction in Latin America.

Compared to other Latin American countries, Chile is one of the most active in terms of exploring this untapped market. This is evident based on the following 12 Chilean enterprises comprising the country’s rich Proptech ecosystem.

IPSUM (Santiago)

IPSUM is an online and mobile platform using rhythmic programming, checklists and Lean-BIM methodologies to modernize the construction and engineering industries. Users can better manage their workload with the company’s cloud-based project manager, ProPlanner.

Comunidad Feliz (Santiago)

Since December 2015, Comunidad Feliz has been developing a building administration platform for all of those real estate tycoons out there. The startup focuses mostly on condominiums and has over 1,500 units incorporated in its system.

Renty (Santiago)

Renty is changing Chile’s real estate scene by digitizing everything from paying rent to filing maintenance requests. The firm also automatically adjusts payments according to inflation rates, so tenanrs don’t have to worry about that.

CasaCo (Santiago)

Entrepreneurs come together on CasaCo to maximize their projects or company’s impact. Nicolás Shea and Catalina Boetsch founded the company in 2014 to provide customized office spaces and conducive work environments for innovative thinkers.

Besafe Inversiones (Santiago)

More than 1,500 companies use this crowdfunding real estate platform to make investments. The team consists of financial, stock, IT and real estate experts. Together, employees at Besafe Inversiones assist patrons in optimizing real estate investment funds.

SentioVR (Santiago)

Architectural or real estate companies needing to present projects to clientele are in good hands with SentioVR. This startup permits partners to rapidly upload content and then present it with the company’s software.

OpenCasa (Santiago)

Simple, fast, secure, without commissions – this is OpenCasa’s mantra. If you’re thinking about selling your property, homeowners receive instantaneous quotes and potential sale offers through this platform. Bank approval isn’t necessary, and if you have an unpaid mortgage, OpenCasa will still buy your property.

Invitta (Valparaiso)

Most homes require furniture, but with Invitta, you can find the most sustainable items. The company transforms plastic waste into durable construction material that’s eventually made into eco-products. Not only is this B2B service available for homes but also parks, education centers and retail spaces.

Capitalizarme (Santiago)

It is a web platform that supports young professionals in the purchase of apartments for investment, and subsequently, leasing. It offers nationwide purchasing opportunities. The associated agents and brokers guide, inform and handle the transaction’s necessary documentation between both parties.

Goplaceit.com  (Santiago)

Directly catering to house hunters in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Uruguay, Goplaceit works with clients to find their most desirable property. It’s a real-time market offering special filters, alerts and search engine features for subscribers to find the ideal place to call home.

Portal Inmobiliario (Santiago)

Quick response times, concise information, and quick comparisons. What more could you ask for in a real estate website? Portal Inmobiliario grants users all of these benefits to help them make more informed decisions when it comes to purchasing a property.

Edipro (Valparaíso)

Born in Valparaíso, and headquartered in Santiago, Edipro is a top-notch building management tool. Its holistic virtual platform allows landlords to manage the condominium’s safety, financial performance and space allocation seamlessly. It turns the building into a smart, and overall safe complex.


Based on all of these options, these Chilean companies tell us that there’s no reason to suffer when it comes to Real Estate. Nonetheless, there is still so much to explore and improve in the proptech industry.

Although the rest of Latin America also has several projects underway, these Chilean startups are certainly proving that alternatives to traditional Real Estate industry do exist around here.


César Miramontes
Communications and digital media bachelor. Multimedia Manager at Contxto. I'm the proud producer of our podcasts "Entre Titanes", "En Contxto" and the soon to come "Contxto Futurismo". However, I believe my major contribution here is to remember the Wi-Fi password...


  1. Hola, Andrés. La investigación la hicimos nosotros, pero te invito a vistar las páginas web de cada una de las empresas, o bien sus perfiles de Linkedin. En esas fuentes podrás comprobar la industria en la que se encuentran y la región de donde son.

  2. Me sumo al comentario de Andres, me suena poca fidedigna la información ya que faltan varios grande como Yapo, Además Portal Inmobiliario, es de MercadoLibre, lo cual es mucho mas relevante como empresa

    • Hola, Fabián. Sinceramente, no entiendo que no te parece fidedigno, me gustaría escuchar tu retroalimentación. Nuestro objetivo es presentar algunas startups de la industria proptech en Chile; sin embargo, en ningún momento decimos que son las únicas. De igual manera, Yapo es un marketplace para comprar y vender objetos en general, no únicamente propiedades, por esta misma razón no la consideramos en la lista. Cualquier otra duda o comentario, estoy atento.

  3. Me parece bien, pero faltan varias. Está bien. No se pueden cubrir todas.
    Definitivamente la mas relevante es Goplaceit.com.
    Portal inmobiliario lo único que tiene es el “nombre” y el tráfico, pero usan tecnología absolutamente fuera de época y no pasa a ser mas que cualquier portal de propiedades promedio.
    El resto está bien.

    Y respecto al comentario de Andrés;
    No es raro que en el nicho inmobiliario no las conozcan si utilizan tecnología ochentera para trabajar.
    Los negocios basados en SAP y planillas excel morirán prontamente.

    • Hola, Eduardo!

      Gracias por tu comentario. Nuestro objetivo siempre será proveer la mayor cantidad de información de calidad posible. Si tienes sugerencias de otras startups que podamos agregar al mapa, te agradeceríamos bastante.



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