Chile recognized as solar energy powerhouse as Sunai wins Platzi Demo Day

Contxto – A new solar energy startup has joined the major leagues in Chile’s increasingly influential renewable energy sector. In the ranks of great companies like Inti Tech and Belinus, Sunai—a new solar power generating company—has just won big in Demo Day Platzi.

Sunai is a platform that manages solar energy by collecting real time information on solar plants making luminous energy into electrical energy to maximize the power.

Alongside great energy

Latin America is making a name for itself as a great hub for solar energy. Renewable energy startups from Chile, as well as SolarLatam in Panama, and Solfacil and Clarke Energy in Brazil, are really making a name for themselves.

Meanwhile, the solar energy sector is becoming more prominent in Latin America with 15 gigawatts of solar capacity being installed in countries like Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

“The Latin American market is excellent to try and undertake and we can enhance the wealth it has,” said Cristobal Parrado, founder and CEO of Sunai.

Sunai and its solar connection

One of the aspects that makes Sunai stand out is that they have something they called “Solar internet”. By this they mean an interconnection between the solar plants and being able to access energy predictions, with thermographic analysis and market prices.

“With our service, we optimize solar plants, since we take the information from each plant and share it with companies in the industry so that they can make better decisions that benefit everyone in terms of energy,” explained Parrado.

This is one of the things that made Sunai stand out and become the winner.

According to Juallianne Butty, the Startup Lead of Platzi, all the finalists had functional products but this Chilean startup reached the clear metrics and goals of what their company was trying to achieve.

“In Latin America, there is still no program capable of generating fast-growing startups at scale. To get there, we need to experience more reactions on how to support tech entrepreneurs and Demo Day is one of them,” said Butty.

Clean energy has become more prominent not only as the solution to pollution, but also as a better option for public health and the fight against climate change.


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