Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Startups founded by women in Chile (beta)

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Chile’s startup ecosystem is an overachiever, so it should be unsurprising that the country’s female founders are equally impressive. However, often the spotlight of success passes over the unique difficulties that women face when starting a company.

So, we’ve created this Market Map to shine a light on these founders’ efforts displayed across a grand range of sectors and innovations.

Startup missing?

Startups founded by women in Chile

One thing Chilean women at the helm of startups have in common is their origins.

Indeed, many of the founders on this list emerged from one of Startup-Up Chile’s accelerators, particularly The S Factory.

The commonality amongst their startups is their innovative and often rather progressive nature stretched across a wide range of sectors.

Clearly, the take home point of highlighting women in the Chilean ecosystem is that they are in every industry, at every stage of product development, and at every level of a company’s hierarchy. You need only look closer to find them.

Here’s a quick overview of the innovative trends growing out of women’s brains and into the world:

On the AI frontier

Chile is a vast country with a frontier tradition. Therefore, innovations in transportation and mobility should come as no shock. OptiRoute, founded by Vanessa Peña, optimizes logistics across the vastness of Chile with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Efficient transportation can also be found in unexpected places, like fintech La Plataforma, co-founded by Sady Mailin Garzón Gómez and Tessa Flippin. Here what is transported is your money across borders without the burdensome need for a bank account—which many people in Latin America do not have.

AI can also be found in the classroom thanks to the likes of founder Carolina Arce of U-Planner. Her company scoops up the data increasingly digital schools create in order to analyze emerging patterns. Thus, this solution detects problems in order to create solutions affecting Chile’s next generation of innovators.

Curb your stereotypes

Beauty and Wellness often makes people imagine newagey, soft-skills-focused business. Not so. Founders Imma Santisteban and Karla Muñoz Rocha, of BePretty and Bellas Shop respectively harness the power of technology to create hard-core business platforms.

Both startups provide administrative solutions catering to the Beauty and Wellness industry.

Similarly, the flashy world of Adtech & Marketing has a ruthless underbelly where the combo of hard data, efficiency, and innovation is queen.

For instance, TimePoints, founded by Marisol Acuña, provides services that assess your marketing’s distribution channels, checking what your users are looking at and even seeing how they feel about it. An essential tool in a cut-throat industry.

DIY Progress

Progress is tough, but innovation can help ease the way.

Agtech founder Mariel Constanza Salfatte Valle seems to have found that the best way to cut out the ethically problematic middlemen is to cut them out entirely. Her startup, Relaxeed, allows you to grow and tend to your own marihuana plants, complete with Internet of Things (IoT) tech that’ll tell you exactly what the weed needs at any given time.

Similarly, tapping into people’s recreational desires to do good, Daniela Larrea’s Sustentabla turns recycled plastic into a brilliant and sustainable business model, by building surfboards with the waste.

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