Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

The facial recognition startup, The Moodie Company, wins Startup Chile’s female-only program!

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Data is king.

Nowadays, even non-tech companies are looking for tech alternatives to improve their business and sales processes.

Contrary to what has been done for many years, marketing does not have to be a gut feeling-only activity. Now you can track patterns, analyze data and get feedback from your customers even by their gestures, body language and emotions.

The Chilean startup, The Moodie Company, helps retail and traditional businesses analyze their customer’s in-store experience through an advanced machine learning algorithm and facial recognition technology.

the facial recognition startup, the moodie company, wins startup chile’s female-only program!
Source: The Moody Company’s website

The startup installs a little device called “moodie” in strategic places across the store, so they can track customer gestures during the whole sales process.

The device converts these high resolution images into anonymous data and business intelligence charts, such as demographics (age, gender, ethnicity), but also behavior and pre-defined emotions. All of this can be tracked real time by the business owner.

Now they can see what their main customers demographics are, but also how much they wait in line, how many visitors they had in a specific period of time and if they were happy, angry or sad when purchasing the products.

the facial recognition startup, the moodie company, wins startup chile’s female-only program!
Source: The Moody Company’s website

Startup Chile, one of Latin America’s most popular accelerators, recently determined its TSF (The S Factory) eight generation’s winners.

The S Factory is a pre-acceleration program focused in helping female-founded startups thrive.

Each batch helps over 20 startups, and the program is run twice a year.

In this generation, The Moody Company won the first prize, followed by USA’s Genia and Chile’s Imeko, in second and third place, respectively.

The pitch finale, a live presentation in front of investors, founders and a jury, rounded off the four month of the acceleration process.

Genia is a nanopore company that measures personal genomics in order to offer personalized healthcare services. And Imeko’s mission is to recycle the cigar’s buts in order to process them and turn them into reusable plastic.

Although this year’s competition was quite tough, the facial recognition startup provided a clear advantage over its competitors.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about these companies, and Startup Chile’s new call on May 2019.

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