Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Delivery platforms Rappi, Domicilios.com, and Hugo had one heck of a Mother’s Day

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Mother’s Day came and went. And it’ll certainly be one for the history books. For the first time ever, it was celebrated under conditions of pandemic-induced self-isolation. And this unusual circumstance was felt by last-mile delivery platforms throughout Latin America.

So much so that many were overwhelmed by requests and platforms shuttered and experienced bugs. Waits were long

Natually, users on apps like Salvadoran Hugo, Colombian Rappi and Domicilios.com reported system failures and other unplesant surprises all Sunday (10) on social media.

Order overload for delivery platforms

For weeks on end, last-mile delivery platforms have been the lifesavers of self-isolating consumers. Especially when it came to Mother’s Day 2020. Theoretically, it meant people could serve mom a nice meal courtesy of restaurants on platforms like Rappi, Domicilios.com, Hugo, etc.

But from a pragmatic standpoint, it led to collapse and shutdown of services. So much so that there were delays in deliveries. In Colombia, Rappi had to suspend restaurant orders for a couple of hours.

Meanwhile, on Domicilios.com, users tweeted delays in their requests

Users in El Salvador reported similar waiting times and even the collapse of Hugo’s sytem. 

Others were less fortunate and couldn’t access the platform at all. 

Take a chill pill

I understand users’ frustration at not being able to shower mom with gifts and a nice meal this year. More so in cases where the platform charged their account for a service that wasn’t carried out.

But it’s an unusual moment for everyone. 

Platforms and restaurants are dredging into new territory with this pandemic too. They can only prepare so far as for it to be a risk for their operations or consumers themselves by risking Covid-19 contagion.

So show a little empathy will you? Or hey, learn to cook and make something yourself.

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