Flapz to launch private flights marketplace in Chile and Mexico

Flapz To Launch Private Flights Marketplace In Chile And Mexico Flapz To Launch Private Flights Marketplace In Chile And Mexico
Flapz Private Flights Marketplace Chile Mexico

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Contxto – Private jet marketplace Flapz wants to spread its wings into new countries. 

Five entrepreneurs launched the startup in Colombia in July of this year. It then began channeling flights through its platform in August. And within that time it’s seen enough to determine that it wants to scale and quickly.

Correspondingly, Flapz wants to launch into Chile and Mexico by next year.

“It’s not growth for the sake of growth,” says Cristóbal Muñoz, co-Founder and CEO at Flapz. “Many of the quotes for flights we’ve received are for regional travel. So experiencing growth in Latin America will help satisfy user demand.”

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High flying, less crowding, says Flapz

Flapz has plenty of plans for its platform. For one, it wants to make it possible for users to book a seat on a private charter plane or rent the whole thing. 

It also aims to offer packages for Colombians looking for a travel getaway or that want a flight to an event, for example. For people with the will and pocketbooks for it, private flights offer the benefit of less crowding and reduced waiting times.

At the moment, booking is possible only via the startup’s website. However, it hopes to launch its app by month’s end.

So besides all that, considering an FFS (friends, family, and suckers) round, eyeing markets and deals in Mexico and Colombia, the startup also wants to launch a shared flight option and even a helicopter booking service for inner-city travel.

Covid-19 is changing flights forever

Some of the world’s largest airlines like Delta and Lufthansa are bending over backwards trying to show users that they’re taking the necessary precautions to make air travel safe again.

But what’s more certain is that the industry as a whole shall never be the same again.

And within these new and unusual circumstances, startups for private airlines are gaining ground. Not too long ago, Brazilian Flapper reported it reached a positive income flow thanks to the flow of new users onto its marketplace.

Meanwhile, Flapz’s aggressive growth plan hints that the market is not only very large but it’s eager for this type of offering.

The question is, is this a temporary trend or is private air travel that’s here to stay?

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