Contxto – There’s something undeniably zen about maintaining living or working spaces clean. Capitalizing on this, Hogaru from Colombia intends to expand its on-demand domestic help platform to Chile and Mexico in the near future. At the same time, the startup has revealed plans for new services and technology.

What began in early 2015 among four people has gradually grown to employ over 900 direct employees. Specialized in cleaning, cafeteria management, laundry and kitchen services, these individuals perform over 50,000 jobs a month in major Colombian cities.

Hogaru is active in Bogotá, Chía, Medellín, Rionegro, Cali and Barranquilla, and soon will reach the Caribbean city of Cartagena. Eventually, the startup will also debut domestic services in Mexico and Chile. 

From domestic help to international platforms

Over the Hogaru application, users can request qualified personnel to perform jobs at homes, businesses, shops, in addition to residential communities. More than 6,000 monthly customers use this mobile platform for its cost effectiveness and efficiency. 

In regards to prices, an eight-hour service costs between COP$85,000 (approximately US$25) to COP$100,000. Prices depends on the day’s demand and team availability. 

According to reports, CEO and co-founder of Hogaru, Matteo Cera, aspires to expand more maintenance services for properties. Mr. Cera wants this so badly that Hogaru will soon be launching a pilot to facilitate home and office property management. The hope is that these new services could represent 20 percent of Hogaru’s 2020 revenues.

As of today, the company is growing at “sustained rates” and maintaining a gross margin of 80 percent

On top of geographic expansion and new services, Cera contends that Hogaru’s next investments will go towards improving its technology. In other words, this will include hiring and training new tech-savvy staff. This way, users can have more of a seamless experience over the digital platform. 

“We see great potential in people care services for homes,” said Mr. Cera. “Also, for offices, we want to integrate the entire management going beyond the toilet.”

Hogaru is indeed flush with plans.

Colombian Domestic Cleaning Platform Hogaru Anticipates Launch In Mexico And Chile