Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Interactivo Tech teaches you to develop apps without knowing how to code

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Imagine being able to develop an app without having to go through a four-year degree in engineering. Or a programming bootcamp. 

What if I told you you could code without knowing how to code? 

If you’re a software developer, you know where this is going.

I’m talking no-code. And while this isn’t groundbreaking in the US where it’s generating a lot of buzz, in Latin America, courses for it are virtually non-existent. 

Nonetheless, entrepreneurs Amram Carciente (Venezuela) and Menajem Benchimol (Colombia) launched Interactivo Tech, an e-learning platform that teaches Spanish speakers how to use no-code tools.

No code? No problem

The pair of founders understood the inner-workings of software development but that didn’t stop them from growing fond of no-code.

“For us it was amazing,” explained Benchimol over the phone to Contxto. “You were able to build software optimizations, workflows, apps, without ever having to write a line of code.”

What may consume a month’s of work to achieve with traditional programming, was done in a fraction of that time using intuitive tools. Although make no mistake, there is code behind “no-code” tools. 

In an Inception-type deal, developers created code to build these tools so users don’t have to.

And what say the entrepreneurs to non-believers of no-code or hard-core programmers?

No-code can help them save time and even help soft-land a person’s entry into all-things software.

“We all know the future is about the internet, tech, what’s digital,” said Benchimol. “And everyone says we have to learn how to program and code. These no-coding tools are an easier step into that world.”

Interactivo Tech

There are multiple no-code tools out there. Examples include Adalo, Zapier, and Bubble.

To learn how to use them, the startup is building a library of tutorials that is accessible via paid subscription. And depending on the package you choose, prices can range from US$29 to US$399 a month.

As far as short-term goals go, Interactivo Tech wants to have 50 users within the next six months. Likewise, it plans to launch 50 tutorials by year’s end.

Given the rising demand for tech-based tools and applications, the no-code wave shall surely hit Latin America soon, and Interactivo Tech intends to be there when it does.

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