Kapital invests USD$50 million in purchase of Autofin bank

Kapital plans to strengthen its digital channels (website and mobile application), with the aim of improving the quality of service for its customers.
Kapital compra por USD$50 millones banco Autofin. Kapital compra por USD$50 millones banco Autofin.

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Kapital, the Mexican fintech focused on strengthening companies through technological financial solutions, has completed the acquisition process to boost its operations by incorporating Banco Autofin México S.A. (BAM), a bank aimed at the retail market as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

With this acquisition, Kapital intends to offer state-of-the-art technological experiences with tangible benefits for its users, including a wide range of products such as credit cards, automated investments, and solutions based on artificial intelligence.

Additionally, Kapital plans to strengthen its digital channels (website and mobile application), aiming to enhance service quality for its customers. This includes transforming some branches into “Kapital House” concept, offering free coworking spaces with specialized executives for wealth advisory.

“It’s not just about creating products, it’s about creating opportunities. With the acquisition of Banco Autofin México, Kapital not only transforms its portfolio but also shapes a more innovative, digital financial market focused on people’s needs,” explained Kapital CEO, René Saúl.

The acquisition of BAM, subject to approval by Mexican financial authorities, is integrated into the new Fintechs + Bank ecosystem, allowing Kapital + BAM to explore and serve new markets with a digital focus.

It is essential to highlight that Banco Autofin remains a financial entity subject to strict and effective regulation by Mexican regulatory institutions such as Banco de México, CNBV, CONDUSEF, and IPAB.

As a result of this acquisition, Kapital will invest significant resources in talent and technology to promote widespread adoption of electronic payment methods instead of cash, aiming to capture resources across all sectors of the population and the economy at a national level.

“This injection of capital strengthens the bank’s finances, in addition to enhancing its product range with cutting-edge technology both in branches and online services and artificial intelligence solutions,” affirmed Carlos Septién, who will continue to lead the bank.

Kapital’s strategy is to maintain BAM’s focus as an exceptional channel for automotive financing, a product that will be added to complete its business portfolio in an ongoing collaboration with Grupo Autofin. This is what sets the difference between creating new products and opening new markets.

Since its inception, Kapital has expanded its portfolio by expanding to other countries such as Colombia and soon Peru, as well as offering a wide range of digital financial products to better optimize resources.

In addition to simplifying access to smarter finances, they seek to contribute to increased financial inclusion and accelerate sustainable growth for businesses and individuals.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News