Contxto – I still remember the good ole days as a kid, playing Age of Empires all day with no other objective than having fun. Nowadays, though, what used to be a casual hobby has become a bonafide profession for many gamers. 

The idea of becoming a professional gamer has been around for quite some time. Even better, now gamers who just so happen to be crypto aficionados can now turn to CryptoWars to make good use of their skills with its PlayToEarn platform.

As the name implies, it’s every gamer’s dream come true. That’s to say, users can play and aspire to earn cryptocurrency for their victories. 

Contxto in da house

We’re particularly excited to announce our partnership with Experimental and its successful CryptoWars game. The blockchain-powered platform created a tournament under Contxto’s brand. The top 10 players will receive 150 DAI, as well as a stylish Contxto-branded badge. I loved it, by the way!

Cryptowars Partners Up With Contxto To Launch Playtoearn Tournament This Wednesday

The game will take place this Wednesday, August 7, 3 p.m. UTC. Make sure to head to CryptoWars’ website and explore the game since the tournament is already available in the lobby.

Adding to our excitement is the fact that this tournament will be CryptoWars’ first bilingual campaign. In an effort to make their entertainment and income-generating platform more inclusive, the game will soon be fully available in Spanish.

Gold mining!

Experimental, which is the holding company behind CryptoWars, has experienced a series of good events due to its fresh ideas and innovative gaming concepts.

Throughout July, the game reported five weekend-tournaments that took place. This meant, every weekend there was a tournament and one big campaign every month. More than 1,200 players around the world competed and earned approximately US$1,050 in DAI tokens.

With all this activity going on, more than 500 thousand blockchain transactions were completed in the Loom Network, the most used dapp in the Loom network for the second consecutive month.

Currently, the company is expanding its marketing and PR efforts, which have translated in roughly 850 new users mainly from Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Spain. 

New developments

July was also a big month for the company’s development team since they introduced a new unit into the game. Partially called “The Soldier,” it allows the game to broaden its horizons by adding complexity and more potential strategic scenarios.

Back in June, the company also introduced TURBO mode, which polished and tweaked based on data gathered from user feedback in July. As a result, smaller weekend tournaments will last three hours while big monthly contests will last five hours. 

For users, this will be very beneficial in terms of flexibility and time management. Before many had to block out large parts of their day to participate. 

This month, Experimental also plans to announce and implement more features. With this will come the new Spanish version to welcome a new wave of users. More DAI sponsored tournaments will also come in the near future.

Meanwhile, subscribe and play to win our Contxto badge here! We’ll make sure to shoutout to those champions who proudly wear our logo.

Cryptowars Partners Up With Contxto To Launch Playtoearn Tournament This Wednesday