South Summit Madrid accepts startups in all stages.

6 Latam startups to participate in South Summit Madrid 2020

Contxto – Every year entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors from Latin America and Southern Europe come together at South Summit in Madrid. The event stands out because it’s open to startups from any industry and stage. 

What matters most is giving these companies a spotlight to strut their stuff to potential investors and business partners.

For its 2020 edition, the event will be held remotely from October 6 to 8. But that brings about the opportunity to enable more people to observe the proceedings and cheer on the 100 startups that have been summoned.

On this occasion six companies from Latin America will be synching in to pitch their startups.

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Latin American startups at South Summit Madrid 2020

Blox (Brazil)

Education shouldn’t be handled as a one-size-fits-all deal. Everyone has different interests and goals, and Brazilian Blox is helping schools and higher learning institutions build programs that adapt to students’ unique needs.

Biosolvit (Brazil)

The only biotech from Latam to make the cut, Biosolvit builds clean technology to absorb contaminating oil and its derivatives, be it by land or sea. 

Chattigo (Chile)

Digital communication is imperative for companies to stay connected with their customers. But with so many options out there—email, WhatsApp, SMS, Telegram, Facebook Messenger—it can be difficult to keep tabs on conversations. But Chilean Chattigo offers a system to manage and compile these oh-so-precious interactions.

Nilus (Argentina)

Food never should go to waste. And Nilus’s tech is coming to South Summit to ensure that doesn’t happen. The startup’s app connects companies that are about to discard food to donate it or sell it at a lower price to soup-kitchens in vulnerable communities.

Políglota (Chile)

When learning a second (or even third) language, practice is of utmost importance. And with Políglota students get just that as its classes all underline in-group interactions and conversations to truly nail that fluency.

TOMi (Colombia)

The third Latam edtech to participate, TOMi offers teachers a way to educate their students in an engaging way. Through its platform, they can add images, games, questions, and all types of goodies you can’t get in a typical classroom.

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