scoop: rampa ventures launches virtual accelerator to remotely ramp up your startup

Scoop: Rampa Ventures launches virtual accelerator to remotely ramp up your startup

Contxto – Startup acceleration at a distance will soon become a reality in Latin America. Rampa Ventures is launching HiperPropulsor Latino, a virtual accelerator program for software-geared startups in the region.

HiperPropulsor Latino

A jam-packed agenda awaits the accelerator’s first batch of startups for the duration of the 24-week-long program. Founders will benefit from specialized mentoring, online follow-up, and in-person summits.

It won’t all be remote. There will be the occasional live-event with two to three taking place in various Latin American countries.

Plus, no accelerator would be complete without a demo day. This HiperPropulsor Latino will make possible virtually, of course.

Last, but certainly not least, chosen startups will benefit from pre-seed funding for up to US$50,000. 

At the moment, the accelerator is prepped to take on 10 applicants. Nonetheless, the masterminds behind this initiative expect that as the program expands and more investors join, more startups will be accepted.

Bear in mind that HiperPropulsor Latino will be launched in the first quarter of 2020 so founders, get ready.

Inclusive acceleration for all

Despite the wonders of startups creating a more inclusive world, there’s an ugly truth that must be discussed. More often than not, accelerator programs and seed funding for startups are geographically limited to prominent regions or major cities. 

Unfortunately, it becomes a contest of running in the same circles with the “right” people. As well as partaking in the “right” networking events. All of these are (surprise, surprise) almost always in urban centers like Santiago, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, São Paulo, or Bogotá. 

This reality curtails the possibility of offering funding and growth opportunities to startups from more remote areas. Consequently, founders and their teams use precious resources to travel and get the insights they need to achieve survival and scaleup.

Indeed, considering a lot of startup culture tends to tout its own “inclusivity”, one often struggles to find it stretches into remote geographical locations.

For Rampa Ventures, raising the first round of funds is a critical and challenging process that shouldn’t be limited by a startup’s location. Moreover, because fantastic ideas are everywhere, geography shouldn’t determine an investor’s deal flow.

Nevertheless, it is curious that Rampa Venture’s geographic inclusivity pitch seems to depend heavily on online connectivity. Doubtless, the Hiperpropulsor Latino folks have taken this into account. For, it is exactly the sort of people that have poor internet connections that often live outside big cities.

Even so, this is all a step in the right direction. Rampa Ventures ramps up the pep by asking anyone remotely-challenged to ramp up their startup. It is true that for many, HiperPropulsor Latino is a first chance to raise a much-needed first round of capital.

Interested in participating?

The accelerator program is open to applicants from all over the world, but its primary targets are startups from Latin America.

Chances of being selected are optimized if your startup:

  • Is a B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer).
  • Offers Software as a service (SaaS)-type solution.
  • The solution is applicable at a distance. In other words, the startup’s representative doesn’t need to be physically present to deploy their product or service elsewhere.
  • The solution is applicable to two to three countries in the Latin American region.
  • Provides data analysis and interpretation.
  • Improves customer relationships.
  • Garners services for other global startups.
  • Or improves the process for working remotely.

So ready to ramp up your startup? Check out Rampa Ventures’ site https://rampa.io/hpl/, sign up, and get ready for startup launch.


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