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The pledge of the startup Symplifica is to formalize domestic employees, acting as a sort of HR department for the household. Its platform allows employees to register with the health system, calculate and manage salary payments and have all documents backed up digitally. Originally from Colombia, it recently arrived in Mexico, where it has set itself the goal of reaching 5,000 users by 2023. Among its plans is the launch of the Trabajadoras app, with additional information and benefits for female employees. Salua García, co-founder and COO, answered Contxto’s key questions.


  1. What problem does Symplifica solve?

We are the only digital platform that helps employers manage their domestic workers: We pay the IMSS [Mexican Social Security Institute] automatically, generate a labor contract and payroll vouchers and advise the employer to avoid legal risks, fines, and possible lawsuits. We also provide legal and extra-legal benefits for domestic workers and their families.


Salua García, COO and cofounder of Symplifica.

2. How is it different from others that have tried this idea before?

We are a disruptive care economy company; we don’t provide the staff but add value to the existing working relationships in the homes. We not only consolidate ourselves as the human resources department of the households, but we apply technology in our processes, platform, and business model, as well as strategic alliances that allow us to provide an ideal solution. We want to be the solution for the employer and offer benefits that improve the workers’ quality of life.

3. How do you generate revenue?

We charge a monthly fee for our services. We have two plans, 150 Mexican pesos [US$8 approx.] for managing a full-time employee and 120 Mexican pesos [US$6 approx.] for managing a part-time employee.

4. What company achievement are you most proud of?

Being able to impact the lives of families whose lives we literally changed, as 65% of domestic workers who have been with Symplifica say that their quality of life has improved significantly while enjoying the legal and extra-legal rights of our solution.

5. Tell us a Latin American startup you admire.

Elenas. It is a startup that has digitized catalog sales with a very interesting focus of including technology in a process that was usually very archaic. It also gives thousands of women in Mexico and Colombia the possibility of generating additional income.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News