Andersen Expands Valuation Practice in Latin America

This move involves the integration of collaborating firms from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico into Andersen’s platform.
Andersen Expands Valuation Practice In Latin America Andersen Expands Valuation Practice In Latin America
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This initiative follows the successful launch of Andersen’s global valuation practice and the incorporation of valuation services in Brazil, further strengthening the organization’s comprehensive tax and legal services across more than 18 countries in the region.

The collaborating firms newly affiliated with Andersen in Latin America include First Capital Group in Argentina, Valoriza and Valuaciones de Chile, Confianza in Colombia, and Giron Valuation Services in Mexico.

These firms bring experience in business and financial solutions, corporate valuations, M&A, real estate, assets, and machinery and equipment appraisals, enriching Andersen’s valuation offerings.

Mark L. Vorsatz, Andersen’s global chairman and CEO, emphasized the significance of valuation as a growth area for the organization and announced plans for further expansion in Latin America and globally. Sid Luckenbach, managing director of Andersen’s global valuation practice, highlighted the cultural alignment and shared values of excellence and client service with the new Latin American firms.

Andersen’s valuation team, serving a diverse range of clients including companies, funds, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices, offers services in business, tangible and intangible asset, and complex security valuations for various purposes such as tax, financial reporting, and transaction advisory. Leonardo Mesquita, Andersen’s regional managing director for Latin America, expressed enthusiasm for the region’s growth potential and the increasing demand for independent valuations.

With a presence in over 25 countries across multiple continents, Andersen Global continues to extend its reach, demonstrating a commitment to meeting the global and regional valuation needs of its clients.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News