11 proptechs changing real estate in Bogotá

11 Proptechs Changing Real Estate In Bogotá 11 Proptechs Changing Real Estate In Bogotá
11 proptechs changing real estate in bogotá

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Contxto – In a bid to modernize the Latin American real estate industry, startups combining “property” and “technology” (proptechs) are gaining traction, especially in Bogotá, Colombia.

It certainly makes sense that these companies want in on the action based on recent milestones from Flat in Mexico, OpenCasa in Chile, Alquilando in Argentina, just to name a few. Whether leveraging virtual reality or 3D visualization, the following Bogotá-based startups should be on everyone’s wavelength. 

11 Proptechs Changing Real Estate In Bogotá


BIM being the abbreviation for “Building Information Modeling,” this proptech provides 3D modeling tools to its users. Not only do these features help prospective homeowners with all-encompassing visual simulations but also architects and carpenters during every phase of the construction. Cost estimates and analytics are also available.

Bimtech Solutions 

This fellow BIM startup incorporates Hyper-model technology to optimize 2D and 3D construction projects. In the process, design and construction processes can work in harmony with one another. Consultancy, training, support, as well as implementation, are other services that Bimtech Solutions offers to its clientele.


Gerpro has developed the “INgeMAX ERP” to improve the construction sector. Meaning “Enterprise Resource Planning,” the management platform provides software to facilitate construction projects and real estate developments. With this also comes Gerprop’s Project Financial Analysis Model that gives users online cash flow indicators.

Grupo PVF 

Utilizing Grupo PVF equips customers with banking allies, 24/7 support, the ability to sell Colombian properties from anywhere in the world, not to mention analytics and plenty of other features. Data acquired through Grupo PVF ensures that homeowners make wise business decisions while turning high profits. 


More than 1,000 agents are prepared to assist over the Inmoblex virtual real estate platform. Whether you’re looking for housing, commercial spaces, lands or special properties, this Colombian proptech has all of your bases covered. For optimal results, it has even developed an algorithm that can predict the most appropriate properties, depending on the customer of course. 


The manner in which developers, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers interact within the evolving real estate value chain is improved via Licify’s cloud-based platform. With over 3,800 registered users, it has optimized process while creating saving and generating profits for partners. 


Buyers and sellers can save time and money, not to mention increase effectiveness, with LoQueNecesito. Meaning “what I need” in Spanish, it’s an effective solution for on-demand short-term solutions. According to its website, the proptech has over 12,000 customers and more than 40,000 properties available for purchase.


Buying, renting or selling properties is all possible with PADS. Real estate agents or brokers have the liberty to work remotely over the platform, uploading property listings at their leisure through the app. All the while, those in the market for a new abode can shop seamlessly online. Design intertwined with technology makes for a unique user experience. 


Under a horizontal property model that transcends accounting and law, Propiedata’s mission is to combine technology in the real estate industry, especially for those who live in shared properties or communities with numerous tenants. Features exist for renters to make payments or request maintenance as well as administrators who can automate billing and handle occupancy. 


RVO’s interactive 360-imaging services aid architects in accurately depicting their creative visions. Besides looking incredible, these images captured with advanced technological tools help designers and architects increase the odds of successfully pitching their project proposals to developers.


Meaning auction in Spanish, Subasta.la is just like the real thing minus the boisterous auctioneer shouting bids. Functioning as a virtual marketplace, it permits users to buy and sell real estate in a system where the best bargain wins. Users can register properties, assess properties and even manage mortgage credit over the platform. 


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News