8 Chilean startups banking on disruptive Blockchain solutions

8 Chilean Startups Banking On Disruptive Blockchain Solutions 8 Chilean Startups Banking On Disruptive Blockchain Solutions
8 chilean startups banking on disruptive blockchain solutions

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Contxto – It’s no secret that blockchain technology could have a lot of potential applications in Latin America. As a region particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks and data leaks, encryption could well fit in the process to increase data security.

Ultimately, encrypted data provides security to the many concerned about being monitored by businesses, banks, governments or even cybercriminals. In fact, Chile is one Latin American country developing various local solutions, many of which transcend industries outside of finance. Continue reading to learn more. 

8 Chilean Startups Banking On Disruptive Blockchain Solutions

CryptoMarket (Santiago) 

Financial inclusion via Blockchain technology is what CryptoMarkets wants to achieve. As of today, the exchange has over 150,000 users using the platform that has facilitated approximately US$70 million worth of transactions. 

Crypto traders can even buy or sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, as well as EOS. Even better, all of this is accessible through your cellphone via CryptoMarket’s virtual wallet. This way, you can store, receive, as well as send crypto.  

Buda.com (Santiago)

Security, liquidity and constant customer service is what crypto enthusiasts will receive with Buda. Both expert and amateur investors use this platform to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies in a safe and convenient manner. 

From anywhere at any time, users can keep tabs on their investment portfolio and even transfer cryptocurrency into their desired currency. For added reassurance, over 90 percent of funds are stored in physical vaults far away from the internet. 

Zawadi (Santiago)

This platform is bringing something new to the table – event tickets using blockchain technology. Specifically, Zawadi utilizes an unalterable ledger capable of preventing the distribution of counterfeit tickets.

To accomplish this, the startup has created “event tokens” that are a simple and secure solution to fraudulent sales. Moreover, it also oversees peer-to-peer ticket transfers, making it easy to sell your ticket to another person if necessary.

TradeLayer (Valparaíso)

“Decentralized savings for everybody” are words to live by for TradeLayer. Along those lines, users can “trade with leverage” based on this startup’s decentralized settlement algorithms in addition to its automatic clearing logistics over multiple channels. 

Within the crypto world, this startup is creating disruptive technology to transform the financial world. Not only do these include on-chain hedges but also traceability features, decentralized swaps, among others. 

Timberchain (Santiago)

Even wooden logs are traceable via Blockchain technology. With its mapping features and digital verification system, Timberchain reduces the likelihood of purchasing illegally produced timber through its diligent solution. 

Essentially, this startup functions as an online trading platform between plantations/forestry companies and sawmills. Some of the perks of this arrangement include reduced transportation costs, reduced CO2 emissions, fewer documents, not to mention legal verification of the timber’s origins. 

BLOQS4 (Santiago)

Innovation, technology and trust are what BLOQS4 represents. Regarding its B2B and B2C arrangement, customers hire this startup to help it implement blockchain initiatives and decentralization networks.

Partners from the mobile, reward, e-commerce, salmon and even the cannabis industries have all benefited from BLOQS4’s services. All in the name of employing powerful disruptive technology. 

Orionx (Santiago) 

Thanks to its simple interface, this Blockchain startup has created one of the most intuitive platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Latin America. Fast exchanges, instant orders, as well as a versatile digital wallet, only touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Orinonx’s services. 

Over time, Orinonx has registered over 55,000 users, all while accepting crypto transactions from five countries. Financially, it has also made over US$70 million in sales volume. 

Mifutu.ro (Concepción)

In terms of mission, Mifutu.ro aspires to develop low-cost products and services to reduce friction in various industries, especially when it comes to automizing the financial sector. From this perspective, it uses Blockchain initiatives to get the job done.

Part of this involves Mifutu’s decentralized crowdfunding system, Godzillion. On top of this, the startup also organizes Latin America’s largest Blockchain event, Blockchain Summit Latam. 


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