Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Here are 9 EdTech startups from Bogotá embracing self-improvement

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – In the digital era, access to information is available on multiple mediums and platforms. If you want to learn about a subject, it’s only a matter of looking it up on the Internet. The only drawback is the veracity of the source that provides the information.

According to Fundación Telefónica Colombia, 65% of the children who started elementary school in 2018 will end up working in jobs that don’t currently exist. Therefore, education requires active participation from the student in terms of learning skills and developing fresh talents.

The following startups are Colombian technology platforms offering users plenty of educational opportunities in preparation for the future.


Endorsed by Y Combinator in Silicon Valley, Platzi innovates education with its online streaming classes. Topics include programming, marketing, design and business. Platzi is undoutedbly one of Latin America’s most prominent startups!


Knowing that the future of the jobs lays in digital technology, Arukay gives training in programming and technology for students, professionals, educators, not to mention government institutions.


If the music industry interests you, then Kuisic is the first step to start your musical career. They provide professional courses for musical instruments, up to the production and distribution of your projects.


This is a training platform for business personnel. Courses are called Bits and you need an annual subscription to access the catalog. Once subscribed, you can specify the needs of your business to create an adequate training plan for your employees.


Even if it sounds a little mellow, achieving inner peace is not that easy. Tuymethod is a step-by-step educational program helping users to achieve happiness. They specialize in mental, emotional and physical exercises so that users can channel their energy to overcome problems like anxiety and/or stress.


This platform also covers employee training. The difference with Dash is in the content creation. The company provides the course bullet points (what they want) and Dash creates the material ranging from animated videos to infographics.


Seeking to improve the quality of professionals, JMF facilitates the certification process for in PMP (Project Management Professional) and CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management). Through courses, tips, study material as well as updates, JMF advises and accompanies students in a personalized way.


Tarefa is a program that connects learners with certified educators. Besides receiving personalized attention, you also have access to expert tutors 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With guided learning, users can access to live or pre-recorded classes for extemporaneous review.


Using artificial intelligence, Amis supplies effective feedback to schools. In addition to collecting information, the startup interprets the data entered by the users to find effective solutions with pedagogical support. In this way, schools can make decisions for education models based on analytical data.


As you can see, there are countless learning platforms for various industries as well as subjects. Bogotá makes its contribution with these startups specializing in different areas, starting from personal growth all the way to professional improvement.

Although plenty of platforms are available, it’s important to highlight the importance of user involvement to achieve appropriate results. Yes, everything is on the Internet. However, you must know how to find it and be consistent during the learning process.


César Miramontes
Communications and digital media bachelor. Multimedia Manager at Contxto. I'm the proud producer of our podcasts "Entre Titanes", "En Contxto" and the soon to come "Contxto Futurismo". However, I believe my major contribution here is to remember the Wi-Fi password...


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