on april 8, a contxto/arkangeles webinar will untangle the strangeness of a post-covid world for you

On April 8, a Contxto/ArkAngeles webinar will untangle the strangeness of a post-Covid world for you

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Contxto – 2020 certainly feels like an over the top, melodramatic action movie. Except it is real life. I am certain we’ll use Covid-19 as a historic watershed for both business and life:

Oh hey, was your startup pre- or post-covid funded?

Are those comparables discounted for Covid-19 already?

Now, although the crisis will hit hard, there are certainly some things that will change for the better. 

Fortune tellers

This Wednesday we’re launching a webinar featuring Luis X. Barrios from ArkAngeles.co, to talk about our perspective and predictions surrounding the Latin American startup ecosystem’s future for 2020 and beyond.

And, a little sneak peak for our readers: here are the slides:

 Now, make no mistake, the voiceover will be even better.

A new reality

Some of the things we’ll cover include what tech sub-industries will be worst affected by the crisis, which ones will thrive, because or despite it, and which ones will get more traction and momentum after this is all “over”.

We will also cover the changes that startups will be undergoing in this new reality, as well as venture capital (VC) practices and the new dynamics between ecosystem players.  

Just as we saw with last year’s rebalancing of profitability over growth, this upcoming crisis will reward resiliency over scalability. Many of the precepts originated during “peace” times will no longer apply and some others will have to be hardened for the tougher times. 

Our entire fantasy-powered analogies will no doubt be turned upside down. Any well known unicorn could suddenly become an Icarus. Sweet little ponies could emerge from the ashes as phoenixes. 

Prepare for a new reality. Not necessarily a worse one, but a truly different one. 

Join us for this webinar and see what other tips, secrets, and scoops we’ll have in store for you.

Update (09/04/2020):

Unfortunately, the webinar wasn’t recorded, and time limited us to cover every single subject we wanted to. Nevertheless, I made this recap about what we talked about and covered further on what we didn’t.

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