Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

dataPlor closes US$4 million to index more small businesses in Latam

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Data is insightful. Data is necessary. But, not all data is accurate. So it’s best to have reliable sources. Big Data startup dataPlor is aware of this reality and wants to scale its database solutions to more parts of Latin America. To that end, it recently raised funds.

Two days ago (28), dataPlor announced it closed an investment for US$4 million through Space Capital, Quest Venture Partners, and ff Venture Capital.

One of its goals is to expand into multiple Latam countries (Brazil, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Colombia) throughout 2020. It will also further develop its tech and hire additional staff.

dataPlor arms you with accuracy

B2B companies are eager to connect with smaller companies. But if the information they have on them is inaccurate, it will have used its resources in vain.

In that regard, dataPlor built a database that compiles micro-businesses’ information. But it does so not through an exhaustive Google search. Rather it subcontracts a team of scouts who are out on the streets collecting the data from door-to-door.

These teams gather data like a business address, phone number, website, whether they accept electronic payments, and so on.

The startup says this information is refreshed on a quarterly basis, just in case changes took place within that time.

Reaping business data in Latin America

Where is the Latam component to dataPlor? From its HQ in Los Angeles, the startup has only been gathering information on micro and small businesses from Latin America. Among its customers are large companies like American Express, and even Google.

dataPlor already has over 1.5 million data points on businesses in Mexico, and now it’s looking to cover more destinations.

Considering the wide wave of digitization that’s coming to the Latam region, it’s a good time to map out these businesses. As small enterprises realize the importance of going digital, larger companies are ready to connect with them.

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For example, if Uber Eats wants to launch a marketing campaign to invite more small restaurants to join its platform, it can leverage dataPlor’s platform. That way its team knows its emails won’t bounce and content will be viewed by the right person.

In short, data is valuable. dataPlor knows it and so do its investors. Otherwise, why would they pitch US$4 million?

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