the everywhere office wants businesses to make the most of wasted space

The Everywhere Office wants businesses to make the most of wasted space

Contxto – The slick coworking offices startups have come to know and love are sadly empty these days. And rightly so, since the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has moved businesses and their staff to work remotely.

With the uncertainty this is creating, many startups may have opted to not renew long-term leases as they cut back on spending and consider alternatives. And that’s putting the likes of WeWork and friends in a pinch. 

However, this doesn’t mean that the concept of coworking has gone bust; it just needs rejigging.

This is where Mexican marketplace The Everywhere Office comes in. Through its recently launched platform, companies that find themselves with sudden excess space and a long-term lease on their hands can rent out unused areas on a monthly basis.

The startup evaluates the viability of the potential occupant. It also estimates how much the business doing the subletting can make in the process and collects payment on their behalf.

The flexibility of subleasing through this platform for a shorter amount of time tenders well to the future of working.

Wasted workspace, an opportunity for The Everywhere Office

“Last year we realized there were many companies with leftover spaces that were willing to share it to obtain an additional source of income,” noted Martin Haiek, The Everywhere Office’s CEO and co-Founder.

Correspondingly, Haiek, alongside Gerardo Vallarta and Alfonso Tinoco, launched The Everywhere Office in 2019. 

“We created the first version in January [of 2020] and given the positive response from the market, we’ve officially released the platform.”

At the moment, the system hosts 64 spaces prepped and ready for use once self-isolation ends. Although it is only available for coworking offices in Mexico City, the startup intends to expand into Guadalajara and Monterrey.

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As rightly pointed out by our Editor, Alex, businesses may expect a hybrid working model with employees as self-isolation eases—not everyone will want to return to the office full-time. And businesses may comply if they realize their team is more productive in yoga pants (or no pants at all) with their pet curled up next to ‘em.

So how’s remote work going? Your cat sick of you fawning over it every five minutes like mine?

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