Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Jalisco’s largest tech event, Talent Land, officially starts its second edition

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – One of the largest tech events in Latin America officially begins today, right here in Jalisco. Taking place at Expo Guadalajara from April 22 to 26, Talent Land is a massive convention where thousands of people (both young and old) will gather to learn, network and exchange knowledge about the evolving tech industry.

The premise of Talent Land is noble – propel young folks’ interests in technology and show them everything it has to offer. Much of the emphasis will revolve around job readiness and skill development in hopes of preparing participants for a more “digital” global economy.

jalisco’s largest tech event, talent land, officially starts its second edition

In summary

Guadalajara’s tech event certainly caught the attention of thousands of enthusiasts all across the region, last year. This time, techies from all over Mexico and abroad are traveling to the city of mariachi music to enjoy five days of all things tech and innovation. So far, all the hard work has paid off.

More than 1,700 hours of content now await over 30 thousand attendees for the second annual event. From this group, around 12 thousand will actually camp out in the facility to take full advantage of the programming. Now that’s what we call dedication.


Organizers partnered with several brands and even the state government to launch Talent Land 2019. This year, the event will offer seven different thematic “lands” for visitors to take advantage of. Each will offer its own keynote speakers and special activities. These pavilions include:

Agrotech Land

Due to the prevalence of agriculture in Latin America, Talent Land launched this section just this year. It will display new technologies concerning cattle, livestock, food, countryside, and everything related to the agricultural industry.

Business Land

Startup founders and VCs is what you’ll encounter here. Expect to see many aspiring entrepreneurs networking with more experienced, veteran founders. As you can imagine, this is where business and tech collide to create profitable software and hardware solutions for ongoing pain points.

Blockchain Land

The blockchain side of the convention. With bitcoins reaching newfound popularity, this is were most crypto-enthusiasts will convene to discuss the technological and economic impact of blockchain technology.

Creative Land

Design, music, film, fashion and multimedia. Oh, and let us not forget comics. This pavilion is the creative and free-spirited part of the event. Artistic minds will come together to share new ideas and inspire one another.

Developer Land (AI, CLoud, Big Data)

“Nothing is written, and everything is programmable” is the slogan for this sector. This is where things are created and were most software geniuses get together to discuss ideas, share best practices and expand coding tips.

Gamer Land (VR/AR)

Do I need to say more? In my opinion, this is were most of the adrenaline in addition to friendly competition will take place. Ranging from eSport tournaments to smart games or even board game contests, this section is all about having fun. Be prepared to see people sleeping next to a dozen empty pizza boxes, though, just to wake up for the next round.

Iron Land

Robots, drones, and everything tangible. Not only is Iron Land likely to attract makers but also hardware aficionados as well as robot hobbyists. If you enjoy bot battles and drone races, then you’re going to love it here.

On top of that, a new stage named “superpoderes” (meaning superpowers in Spanish) will be inaugurated in partnership with InRoads. This new workshop will teach young people soft skills such as public speaking, languages, crisis management resilience and other skills aiming to help them land lucrative jobs in the tech industry.

No conclusion yet. We’ll update this article at the end of the event. Stay tuned for more!


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