Mexico’s Summoners’ Rift: Arena Esports Stadium is open

Mexico's Summoners’ Rift: Arena Esports Stadium Is Open Mexico's Summoners’ Rift: Arena Esports Stadium Is Open
mexico’s summoners’ rift: arena esports stadium is open

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Contxto – On February 5, the first Latin American electronic sports stadium was inaugurated in Mexico City. This new installation was baptized as the Arena Esports Stadium.

This stadium will host week one of League of Legends (LoL) for Latin America, which took place on February 15 and 16. This means it’s been 10 days since the minions spawned.

I feel the need to explain what this is all about. League of Legends, also known as LoL, is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). The modality places approximately five players per team who must work together to destroy the enemy base.

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‘Every step is one step closer’ – Poppy (LoL character)

You may remember that last year, the video games industry received its first Latin American unicorn, Wildlife Studios in Brazil.

And gradually, this industry is giving us more and more to talk about.

Enter: aEsports Stadium in Mexico City. This stadium could not exist if it wasn’t for the alliance between three important actors:

  • Arena: Video game center belonging to Cinemex.

  • TV Azteca: One of the most important television broadcasters in the region.

  • Riot Games: The creators of the addictive game League of Legends.

Thanks to this collaboration, great progress has been achieved in terms of technological installations in Latam.

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The land of the geeks

The Arena Esports Stadium required a modest investment of US$2.5 million. This money was transformed into the dream room of any gamer, 300 square meters of 4K screens.

Additionally, it has a space to host up to 100 esports fans, which from my perspective is surprisingly small and will require greater adaptations in the future.

This will generate new consumption habits for Latin Americans. We are talking about a space that video game fans will attend weekly and support one team or another.

It is definitely a great chance to investigate further into a major business opportunity available in this market. More so considering it’s just beginning to resonate in the Latin American ecosystem.

“Doubt is the greatest enemy.” – Master Yi (Another LoL character)

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