Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Mexico’s Tec de Monterrey launches online academy for you to become an investment master

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

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Contxto – “Teaching the future of money.” An enigmatic catchphrase if there ever was one, however the objective of VC Academy is clear. 

Over the course of a week, from May 25 to 29, the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Institute for Entrepreneurship, part of Guadalajara’s ITESM—commonly known as el Tec, a Mexican university—, will be hosting a program that will teach budding entrepreneurs and venture capitalists how to unlock investment.

Obviously the course will be held online—Mexican authorities have announced that shelter in place and social distancing measures will not be lifted at least until May’s end. 

Two sides of the same coin

The program will have two separate slants catering to those looking to set up their own fund or looking to become angel investors, on one hand. On the other, there will be a focus on those budding founders looking for the necessary know-how to get around to some proper fundraising.

Nonetheless, they will be covering some common bases and keeping track of progress via an array of different teaching tools, ranging from seminars, mentorships, and networking.

Also common to all walks of investment will be the world-class speakers at the event. Including:

  • Federico Antoni, Managing Partner ALLVP
  • Luis Barrios, Ark.Fund
  • Cinthya Gómez, Novus Concilium
  • … and big names (which you may well recognize) as personalized investment mentors.

Now, the digital nature of the whole affair will certainly be a test for this sort of program. It is no accident that most pre-Covid networking sessions were carried out—at some expense—face to face and cocktail in hand.

Then again, who says you can’t pour yourself a stiff one while talking with some international VC hard-hitters (probably the event’s organizers).

So, whether it be tipsy or teatotalling, the event seems to be a good use of your newfound indoor time, so register before May 20. Here’s a link—I know you’re interested.

Or if you want to test your hand at investment in the Latam startup ecosystem right away, I know a certain Latin American media company that would appreciate your interest.

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Alejandro González Ormerod
Historian, writer, and editor from Mexico City. He was a book publisher, academic, and cheesemonger before joining Contxto. Still deciding on which Latin American country to visit next; food and fun are the main criteria.


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