Nestlé and The Yield Lab LATAM launch a program for sustainable startups

Through this initiative, companies with disruptive ideas in sustainability are invited to validate their value proposition. The open call will accept applications until July 31st.
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Nestlé has announced the launch of a program in Mexico in collaboration with The Yield Lab LATAM, an agrifoodtech venture capital firm, as part of its “All In” innovation ecosystem. This program aims to support sustainability projects and facilitate pilot tests in the Mexican market.

Selected companies participating in this program will have the opportunity to conduct pilot tests in Mexico, receive financial support to implement their projects, and gain access to Nestlé’s infrastructure and innovation network. They will also have the opportunity to establish a long-term relationship with Nestlé as a strategic partner.

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Fausto Costa, Executive President of Nestlé Mexico, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that it provides an opportunity to drive innovation and promote cutting-edge ideas in sustainability. These proposals contribute to environmental conservation by exploring new solutions and collaborations with entrepreneurs who share Nestlé’s objectives. Costa is confident that by working together, they can achieve significant transformation.

The call for applications for this program will be open until July 31st, and innovative proposals in three thematic areas are invited: CO2 emissions reduction, sustainable packaging, and water utilization. Nestlé aims to promote renewable energy sources, drive circularity in packaging through the use of recycled materials, and improve water utilization through field and production care.

This program represents an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs and companies seeking to create sustainable solutions in the agrifoodtech context, and is expected to have a positive impact on the industry and the environment.

Impact for Agrifoodtech in LatAm

  • Provides significant opportunities for agrifoodtech in Latin America by supporting sustainability projects in the sector.
  • The opportunity to conduct pilot tests in Mexico and receive financial support provides a crucial boost for the development and implementation of innovative solutions in agriculture and food.
  • Access to Nestlé’s innovation network and the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with the company offer a strategic advantage for agrifoodtech in the region, enabling them to scale and expand in the market.

Impact for Venture Capital in LatAm

  • Strengthens the venture capital ecosystem in Latin America by promoting support and funding for agrifoodtech projects in the region.
  • The participation of Nestlé, a leading company in the food industry, as a strategic partner in this program provides increased credibility and visibility to venture capital in LatAm, attracting more investors interested in the agrifoodtech sector.
  • Access to Nestlé’s innovation network and the opportunity to establish long-term relationships offer venture capital in the region valuable connections to resources, knowledge, and collaboration opportunities in the food and agriculture sector.

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