Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Proptech Homie adds 3 new features to its rental platform

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Hello Homie! You’ve been one busy proptech these last couple of months. The startup from Mexico raised over US$7 million last December. And now it’s announced three new features/benefits for its property rental platform—including getting leasers off of having to make a security deposit!

These innovations will contribute to the startup’s objective of increasing the number of properties under its management from its current 2,000 to 15,000 this year.

The proptech had closed more than US$7 million in December of last year. Add the US$1.3 million from October of 2018 and it’s raised over US$8.3 million since its 2015 founding.

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proptech homie adds 3 new features to its rental platform
Jordi Greenham, Homie‘s CEO and Founder

Proptech perks

Jordi Greenham, Homie’s CEO and Founder announced this series of features for the startup’s platform last Wednesday. For users, these changes aim to make the rental and property management a simpler process.

First, as of January, tenants will have access to a ticketing feature. They can use it to report property damages or imperfections so they’re promptly taken care of.

Next, as of February, tenants will no longer need to leave a security deposit when renting out an apartment via Homie.

Albeit this benefit does not apply to everyone.

To enjoy a security deposit-free property, a person must demonstrate good credit history. Plus, they must own a credit or debit card. This is in case they damage the apartment and reparations are needed.

Blockchain-powered agreements

For property owners and tenants in Mexico City, its final add-on will be made available in early April. Signing lease agreements shall no longer be on physical paper, but completely digitized.

“The signature will be encrypted via blockchain and that will increase security,” said Greenham, “there will be other biometric means, like through fingerprints or retina [scan].”

Homie reports it’s handled over 4,000 property agreements since its founding. Among which, the startup only had to remove 20 tenants for breaching their contract.

Those numbers sound promising. And its latest perks are set for the first half of the year. Who’s to say there won’t be more?

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