SinDelantal is a startup from Mexico.

Help a dog in need by ordering food delivery

Contxto – For a limited time, ordering food delivery can be beneficial to others besides oneself. This month, SinDelantal announced a partnership with Milagros Caninos, a nonprofit for housing and rehabilitating stray dogs.

Throughout August, users in Mexico can choose to donate 5 percent of the value of their order and the startup will chip in an additional 5 percent of its own proceeds to help.


The overlying goal is to gather half a million pesos (~US$22,500) to build a rehabilitation center for dogs.

It’s a fantastic initiative to rally people towards helping animals in need… and also a way of bringing pet lovers onto its platform.

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SinDelantal appeals to pet owners

I can’t think of a friend who’s a Millenial, owns a pet, and doesn’t completely and utterly obsess over it—myself included.

Whether that be by taking hundreds of pictures, buying them treats, or getting them a bed that’s likely more comfortable than their own. These behaviors are reflected in a study by Euromonitor, that showed that the pet industry in Mexico grew 51.6 percent from 2013 to 2018. 

And uncoincidentally, Millennials also often use food delivery platforms. Ergo, SinDelantal’s generous but also beneficial campaign to connect with a growing segment.

Mexico loves its pets

Rightly so, it’s a brilliant way to appeal to a person’s emotional connection to their dog or cat.

“People are becoming more aware of an animal’s wellbeing and dogs are no longer meant to be cooped up. Instead, they’ve become companions and even a source of emotional support,” says Juan Matias, Director of Latinzoo, a major pet fair.

“This is making the trend grow in numbers, not only in Mexico, but throughout the world,” concludes Matias.

So next time you’re looking for an emotionally charged way to connect customers to your brand, try a dog or cat picture for a change.

It’ll probably leave a more pleasant experience than whatever boring stock image you planned to use.

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