Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Strap Technologies wants to replace cane with handsfree device for blind people

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

ContxtoStrap Technologies wants to change the way its users explore the world. Through a wearable device, the Mexican startup wants to help blind people gain more independence.

Its product isn’t available for shipping yet—users will have to wait until the summer of next year.

Strap Technologies’s device

Unlike the thin cane commonly used by the blind or visually impaired, Strap’s device is handsfree. Users just need to strap the wearable onto their chest and they’re good to go.

But the startup boasts other advantages.

For example, unless a person is waving the cane all around them to fully identify their surroundings (and risk whacking someone with it), they’ll occasionally bump their heads against things hanging from above.

Strap Technologies says this isn’t an issue with its wearable, because it has sensors that detect obstacles around the user. Whether it’s an overhanging branch or a gaping hole in the ground. When something is detected, it will notify the wearer via vibrations.

Moreover, the startup reports it can even distinguish between physical objects and people.

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The device also has a GPS system built in as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Last but not least, blind or visually impaired people will have to undergo training to master the use of a cane or if they’ll be guided by a seeing eye dog. But Strap Technologies says adopting its product is easier and doesn’t require undergoing this type of experience.

Innovation to solve real problems

We often laud technology for its ability to solve problems. And lately that’s taken the shape of financial products, logistics platforms, or e-commerce tools.

Yet, it’s in cases like these, where people want to recover something as essential as their independence to walk around, that innovation is needed most.

Fortunately, Latin America doesn’t lack startups rising to the challenge.

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