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Contxto – Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: travel startups are busy despite coronavirus. Or at least, Mexican LocalAdventures is. It recently shared with Contxto that it’s kicked off operations in Colombia with some recent hires.

Moreover, it will soon launch a new feature for its travel and booking platform. Although LocalAdventures didn’t specify exactly what it would consist of. What we do know is that it will allow travelers to communicate among themselves regarding a trip.

And last (but certainly not least), it’s raising a bridge round for US$500,000. To that end, it already has its lead investor, FW Ventures, on board.

Ditch the tour bus, says LocalAdventures

Daniel Peña, Sebastián Rodríguez, and Moisés Vera founded LocalAdventures in 2016. And together they’ve launched a startup made for people with a love for travel as well as the great outdoors—but a loathing for planning and tour buses. 

Through its platform, users can search for and book outdoor experiences across the globe. Tour the Island of Fire and Ice in Europe, explore the Amazon, its location offerings are distributed among 31 countries. Interestingly, they’re all curated for Latam audiences.

And because of coronavirus (Covid-19) many businesses in the travel industry have given their users the unpleasant surprise of not refunding already-paid for trips and placing steep penalty fees. Not to mention denying open dates in case plans change.

In that sense, LocalAdventures’ travel experiences are more user-friendly in that travel reservations can be adjusted. 

Who else is waiting for the contagion to fall steeply enough to retake their travel plans?

Localadventures Tells Of The Job Travel Startups Must Do During The Pandemic

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