Proptech Wiggot get US$800K to bring AI real estate to more of Mexico

Proptech Wiggot Get Us$800k To Bring Ai Real Estate To More Of Mexico Proptech Wiggot Get Us$800k To Bring Ai Real Estate To More Of Mexico
Wiggot Real Estate

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Contxto – Guadalajara, Mexico-based real estate startup, Wiggot has closed a round of US$800,000 bridge financing. This story is still developing, and Contxto has reached out to the firm for further information.

Real estate tech: the future is now

It’s in the name: real estate deals with, well, real assets. This is an inherently in-person business that has experienced limited tech innovation. 

Wiggot has already been paving the way towards a digital ecosystem for the real estate space. We wouldn’t be surprised to see Wiggot use this funding to double down on this quest to bring the property market into the twenty-first century.

New AI-powered technologies like machine learning and robotic process automation are more accessible and more advanced than ever. They could have massive impacts on the real estate space, both for buyers and sellers.

For example, imagine if you could review houses that your client has viewed and a machine learning system could suggest other houses that the client might like.

Equally, the housing market is rife with pricing inefficiencies. A tool to crunch massive amounts of data on recent sales could lead to more informed pricing decisions, getting properties sold more quickly and at a fairer price.

These high-tech tools could also help real estate agents promote their businesses. An AI system could inform agents about what keywords pop in a particular market, allowing them to highlight the most sought-after skills in the market. This would be a win-win because consumers would be able to ensure that their real estate agent fits the bill before signing on the dotted line.

While it’s still not crystal clear how exactly Wiggot will splash their cash, we’re excited to see how a hungry, digital-first real estate startup can shake up this traditional industry.

Digital tools for a brick-and-mortar business

The Guadalajara-based firm offers tools to help real estate agents optimize their daily activities. The platform boasts a community of digital-first property professionals who are using Wiggot to streamline the process of buying and selling properties.

Wiggot helps agents curate their personal brand by providing free website development tools and the ability to send a digital document that highlights their experience, contact information, and current inventory.

Real estate agents working with buyers can tell Wiggot what types of properties they’re interested in, and the service will send a notification when a new property that fits those specifications is listed.

Equally, Wiggot helps agents working with sellers by sending notifications when another agent is looking for a property that is similar to what their client has to offer.


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Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News