Abaxto is helping local shops stay afloat through supply chain tech

abaxto is helping local shops stay afloat through supply chain tech
abaxto is helping local shops stay afloat through supply chain tech

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Contxto – While some enterprises are struggling amidst the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, others are growing, as is Peruvian Abaxto’s case. The startup reports its operations have risen 20 percent within the last two months in Chile, Puerto Rico, and Peru where its platform can be found.

So to keep up the momentum, Abaxto recently announced it plans to expand its system for local shop management into multiple countries. Accordingly, its most immediate target market is the United States. Likewise, negotiations are underway for it to partner up and operate in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic.

Considering the need for technology to mitigate the risk of contagion and offer supply chain visibility in these unusual times, local shop owners have been digging Abaxto’s platform.

To learn more about how Covid-19 is hurting locals shops in one part of Mexico, check out this video:

In the face of adversity, there’s an opportunity for Abaxto

Major retailers hog the spotlight in terms of how Covid-19 and consumer behavior have shifted their supply chain operations. But they’re not the only ones. 

For the beloved little local shops scattered throughout Latam, often called tienditas, bodegas, abarrotes, or tiendas de barrio, things have changed too. Shoppers still need to make improvised purchases at these locations, but now within a context of reduced person-to-person interaction.

To that end, Abaxto’s technology reportedly allows these small businesses to manage their inventory like a retailer.

However, what appears to be the startup’s biggest selling point lately is its role in supply chain management. Specifically, its platform allows local shop vendors to communicate and track their products with their suppliers. Meaning it helps these tienditas better navigate through supply chain disruptions in a single digital space. 

Interestingly enough, Abaxto reports that in Chile, its system garnered more attention following the breakout of nationwide protests in October last year. Meanwhile, in its native Peru, the mandatory Covid-19 lockdown also drew users to its product.

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