Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Ayllu launches a map of fintechs from Peru

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – Needless to say, fintechs are booming in Latin America. Which is great. But on the user’s end it can be overwhelming to keep tabs on who offers what, where the best rates can genuinely be found, etc.

To add a little visibility, Ayllu, a Peruvian fintech has taken the lead to launch a platform that maps out all the fintechs in Peru. Joining the startup on this adventure is the association, Fintech Perú.

The announcement was made by Juan Carlos Zamalloa Llerena, a rep from Fintech Perú. 

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The map to Peru’s fintechs

The system displays all sorts of tech startups in Peru that provide financial services. 

This means loans, digital payments, cryptocurrency exchanges, investments, the whole shebang is there for users, businesses, and other fintechs to check out.

All they need to do is set the filters for the service they’re hunting. At the moment, it hosts 120 fintechs on the platform.

ayllu launches a map of fintechs from peru

Once that’s done, it will display the batch of startups that fit the search. It also shows a rating system of one to five stars for every fintech. This translates to any person being able to rate these businesses via a Gmail or Facebook account.

But that’s where the visibility for users ends.

It only brushes over the services the startup offers with an icon and a concept. No additional details are provided. Instead, users are guided to the specific fintech’s website to find out more regarding fees, the signup process, etc.

ayllu launches a map of fintechs from peru

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More visibility, please

The government in Peru has been striving to raise awareness among the population about the benefits fintechs can offer users. The launch of this fintech roadmap is a step in that direction. 

Yet, I’d recommend adding more details regarding each business besides a very simplified view of the services they offer. That or invite startups to fill out their own profiles so as to enrich the platform’s content.

It’d be amazing if it were developed like Kayak’s or Despegar’s search engine to find fintechs and compare their offerings.

That, of course, does require a lot of resources. So it’s no easy feat. 

But a girl can dream, can’t she?

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