Google opens new offices in Lima

Google Opens New Offices In Lima Google Opens New Offices In Lima
google opens new offices in lima

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Contxto – Tech-giant, Google, is once again displaying its intentions to increase its presence in Latin America. This time, the company announced new offices in Peru. Communication between Peruvian internet users and Google will likely improve with the company’s new initiative.

In Summary 

The new space located in the Miraflores district of Lima has over 400 square meters. From the sounds of it, the layout seeks to stimulate productivity and creativity among team members. There are even elements of Peru’s coastal, mountain and jungle regions, not to mention a large Android decked out in a Peruvian soccer jersey. 

Current projects at Google Peru involve a “create in your language” platform to promote digital skills as well as literacy. This is a collaboration with the non-profit Laboratoria that provides scholarships to aspiring female developers. There is also a project to support quality journalism through the Google News Initiative. 


“We are committed to the development of Peru and this inauguration confirms our presence in the country,” said Julian Coulter, Google’s General Manager at the opening. “This has great digital potential and our main objective is to support the training of people and accompany the growth of local businesses whether large or small.”

Google has been present in Peru since 2010. With this new property, now the Silicon Valley-based company has six offices in Latin America. On a global level, Google has 100 offices in 50 countries. 

Within Latin America, Google tends to support entrepreneurial activity, especially those using technology to solve certain predicaments. Recently, the company held a three-month Launchpad Accelerator for 10 promising Latin American startups in Mexico City.

Startups from Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile learned about Machine Learning, Android development, Google Cloud and web solutions while working with industry experts.

On a different note, Google has also invested a lot of money and effort into installing optical fiber cables for improved connectivity and reinforced cloud computing infrastructure. So far, this has been done in Chile. The 10,000 km submarine cable links California to Peru’s southern neighbor, costing US$47 billion.

At the same time, let us not forget about Huawei’s regional campaigns. The Chinese competitor recently launched 5G tests in Peru. The Chinese competitor may not have any trendy office spaces in Latin America like Google but its regional efforts seem to be just as strong.


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