Peruvian Fitco pumps up gym management

Peruvian Fitco Pumps Up Gym Management Peruvian Fitco Pumps Up Gym Management
peruvian fitco pumps up gym management

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Contxto – January is almost over and I’m guessing some gyms are still feeling the New Year’s resolution fitness craze. And that’s good and all, so long as staff are prepared for it. 

If not, Fitco is a Peruvian startup that has the software muscle to help better manage the business. And its tech can currently be found in over 250 gyms throughout seven Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Puerto Rico, Panama, and its native Peru.

And now it’s turning towards its launch in the United States in 2020.

Likewise, the startup has raised over US$550,000 from various sources including 500 Startups, Startup Perú, Angel Ventures Peru, Outbound Ventures and DevLabs.

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Fitco strengthened gyms

Gyms and any fitness centers really need help running their operations: who comes in, who signs up, juggling schedules for classes, etc. And it’s these little details that can make a difference in keeping or losing a member.

And initially, that’s what co-founders, Andrea Baba and Alexander Mayor set out to do. As the pair of friends launched their Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, Fitco in 2016.

Through its platform and application, the Peruvian startup offers various management tools to keep gym and fitness classes running smoothly. 

But once the startup got comfortable with its product, it discovered there was more to be done.

“We realized that once we solved the management issues [for gyms], they wanted to keep growing and reach new users,” said Andrea Baba, Fitco’s CEO and Co-Founder. 

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A Netflix for fitness?

As a result, they’ve been developing Butiq Live, an online class platform. 

Just like Netflix has a long list of content, Butiq Live wants to hold endless fitness classes. This way, you can take up boxing classes, cardio, dance (among others) while on the go. For the moment, it hosts 100 classes.

Eventually, they want to connect this service with its gym management platform.

Guess there’s no excuse for not exercising.

By the way, how’re those New Year’s fitness resolutions going? 

This is a friendly reminder that you can do it!

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