Mar Del Plata's Innova Space Successfully Operates "mdqubesat-2" Picosatellite

Mar del Plata’s Innova Space Successfully Operates “MDQubesat-2” Picosatellite

The Argentine startup, announced the successful deployment and ongoing successful communication tests of its IoT communication satellite, marking a significant milestone in its ambitious project.

Innova Space, a beacon of innovation in satellite communication, aims to modernize IoT connectivity, especially in remote areas.

CEO Alejandro Cordero shared the satellite’s seamless launch and deployment process, highlighting over 75 days of uninterrupted communication and successful payload tests, indicating the project’s robust health and operational success.

The MDQUBESAT-2’s successful operation is a testament to the startup’s technological advancements, enabling low-cost communication solutions for sectors such as agriculture, mining, and oil.

With the vision of launching a constellation of about 90 picosatellites by early 2025, Innova Space is gearing up for a seed funding round of $2 million to finalize its platform and kickstart commercial operations.

The company’s journey from a local startup to a promising player in the global space industry underscores the innovative spirit and potential of Argentine technology ventures.

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