Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

11 HR startups in Chile lightening the load for companies

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Contxto – It’s the end of the year! Which means it’s a busy time for many, and not just your local shopping center. But don’t panic, certain startups in Chile are already looking out to ease your job.

In many parts of Latin America and the world, Human Resources (HR) also has its work cut out. Besides organizing the office holiday party, HR is highly engaged in covering job vacancies and anticipating a business’s needs for what’s to come.

However, not everywhere is the outlook so rosy. 

In Chile, the capital of Santiago is hard-hit by the ongoing sociopolitical crisis. This has resulted in bleak expectations for seasonal jobs as well as salary expectations in 2020. Despite this, the entrepreneurial spirit of this city thrives and it’s coming up with many innovative startups and solutions to help HR within Santiago and beyond.

If you’re in HR, perhaps one may provide you with a solution to a more seamless transition into 2020. Check ‘em out.

11 startups in Chile lightening the load for HR

map of 11 startups from Santiago de Chile


For many students, landing their first job can be intimidating. Likewise, businesses may be eager to find new talent, but hesitant towards candidates with a lean-looking CV. As a result, FirstJob brings together companies and young professionals on its platform.

Applicants are considered for internship openings as well for full-time positions. Some of the world’s most renowned corporations like Coca Cola, L’Oreal, and P&G have used this startup’s service.


Chilean startup, Rankmi offers HR a large suite of tools to manage staff performance, set objectives, as well as oversee how a business’s work environment looks. With this startup not only do you know what the overall picture of a company looks like, it also provides features to follow up and achieve its organizational goals. Examples include action plans and feedback based on outlined objectives.


This startup in Chile offers transparency and a smoother hiring process for HR. Specifically, Reqlut provides employers their own recruiting page and uses its network of contacts to give job openings the visibility they need to find the right match.

It also provides an array of candidate management applications so recruiters don’t have to dig through their PDF library of CVs. This startup also stands out for its grid of partnerships with various Chilean universities.


Smart software through a large suite of features to satisfy almost every HR-related area. From accounting tools to manage settlements, compensations, and discounts. To building candidate databases for hiring new staff. Buk also helps businesses evaluate their work environment and keep track of employee training. Simply put, this startup is an ever-growing universe of solutions.


Empleando is a Chilean startup that facilitates fully-digitized headhunting. Interviews can be carried out online, the startup evaluates applicants’ profiles to find the most recommendable match, and reports are at a recruiter’s fingertips. Meanwhile, job seekers benefit from the startup’s app to find the position they want, apply, as well as receive notifications for related openings.

Get on Board

The niche market of Get on Board’s job platform are startups and tech companies. As anyone in these circles can attest, these profiles often call for the harrowing task of screening through tons of profiles that sound similar but cover vastly different needs.

In that sense, this startup lightens the load by giving more specificity to the job openings they display. Whether it’s a full-stack developer, a UX designer, project managers, a marketing analyst, the list of specialized jobs goes on and on.


Talana, is one of those startups in Chile that offers an ample suite of solutions sure to make any HR person swoon. Payroll management, training and communication channels are just some of its features. It also allows businesses to run a library of employee-related agreements so they can kiss that annoying paperwork goodbye. Thanks to these tools, the main objective of Talana is to provide HR simplicity and flexibility in all its operations.


Through its digital tools and automated tasks, Boost wants to give HR departments a boost in their day-to-day tasks. This startup stands out for its extensive repertoire of employee training-related features. Among these, there are assessment solutions to evaluate the learning and training needs of business staff. Naturally, it also offers dynamic training classes as well as follow-up evaluations to understand if these efforts were meaningful.

Awesome Jobs

With so many entrepreneurs emerging (especially in Latin America) the need to recruit the right talent for their businesses grows. Consequently, via Awesome Jobs, HR staff can surf through a portal with startup needs in mind. It also boasts the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to match the best professional with the job opening.


At the forefront of any business are its talented people and HCMFront wants to ensure a digitized, user-friendly experience for HR and business managers. Besides talent management, recruitment features, and consulting services, it also uses data analysis and machine learning to provide leadership with the insight to better manage their teams.


HR should be a breeze with Aira, since it offers an AI-powered digital assistant for hiring processes. Through machine learning, recruitment is simplified as the system analyzes and filters CVs to find the best possible candidate quickly and at anytime. An AI to help find humans for HR. How’s that for innovation?

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