CIVLAC launches the Climate Tech 2023 challenge, seeking innovative climate solutions in LatAm

This challenge presents a unique opportunity for startups and major corporations to come together and collaborate on solutions for a greener and more sustainable future in Latin America.
CIVLAC Climate Tech 2023 CIVLAC Climate Tech 2023
The initiative is from CIVLAC (Corporate Impact Venturing of Latin America and the Caribbean) in collaboration with Grupo BID and Wayra from Movistar. | Photo: Pexels

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Registration for the Climate Tech 2023 challenge, an initiative by CIVLAC, the leading Corporate Impact Venturing in Latin America and the Caribbean, is now open. This competition is one of the largest regional mobilizations to address climate change, backed by more than 15 leading corporations.

The core aim of the challenge is to bridge innovative startups with large companies focused on solving environmental issues impacting various industries. This offers startups a unique platform for collaboration and showcasing innovations for the environment’s benefit.

Among the sponsors and corporate participants in this challenge, big names like Telefónica Movistar, Enel, Emasa Ventures, Siemens Energy, ISA Intervial, and Viña Concha y Toro stand out.

CIVLAC is notable not just for its scope but also its origins. Powered by the BID Group, including its innovation lab BID Lab and BID Invest, and supported by Wayra Hispam from the Telefónica Movistar group, this effort aims to strengthen ties between large corporations and impactful startups. The mission: tackle critical challenges using cutting-edge technology.

Climate Tech encourages companies to adopt or develop new technologies, practices, and business models that reduce carbon emissions, promote the circular economy, manage waste properly, innovate in sustainable energies, and boost more efficient logistical processes.

All region-related climate solution startups are invited to join. Moreover, on October 25, a webinar will be held to provide more details about the challenge and address concerns. The deadline for registration is November 13. Interested startups can register through CIVLAC’s official website, making sure to check the challenge’s requirements.

Climate Tech in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Climate Tech sector has witnessed robust growth recently, setting itself as a benchmark in sustainability and innovation. Its goal is to find solutions to climate change and facilitate the transition towards a greener economy.

In this light, Latin America has emerged as a leader in adopting advanced technologies to address climate challenges, from reducing emissions to adapting to extreme weather events. Undoubtedly, the Climate Tech industry has catalyzed innovation and sustainable progress in the region.

According to a survey conducted by Statista across seven Latin American countries in 2021 and 2022, respondents from Colombia and Brazil expressed the most concern about the environment. Almost half of those surveyed in Colombia and Brazil ranked it among the most severe issues to address in their country. Chile, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic also showed results above 40%.

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