Five Questions With: Vozy

Colombian startup Vozy operates in the emerging field of conversational AI, which automates the voice conversations that companies have with their customers (in this case, in Spanish and considering a diversity of accents). This week it raised US$5 million in a pre-Series A round led by the Spanish fund GoHub Venture, with participation from US-based Starling Ventures and angel investors such as Dropbox co-founder Arash Ferdowsi. According to the company, its services are used by more than 150 clients in 16 countries, including Mexico, which accounts for nearly a quarter of its revenues. Alejandro López, co-founder and co-CEO, answered our questionnaire.

1. In simple terms, what is Vozy?

Vozy is a technology platform that integrates AI and NLP [Natural Language Processing] with the purpose of evolving conversations at scale for large companies. Its mission is to improve and enhance the user experience through customer service lines at all costs.

Alejandro López, cofounder and co-CEO of Vozy.


2. How is it different from others that have tried this idea before?


The technology. That is the AI models’ training, especially in a language as complex as Spanish, where there is almost no data for this training. Also, in the empathy in conversations, since the technological deployment adds additional layers of differentiation. In fact, Vozy has around 9-10 accents throughout the region, from Argentinean, and Colombian, to Boricua and Mexican.

3. What accomplishment of the company are you most proud of?

We have impacted millions of users and customers with high favorable response rates, and humans are becoming aware that a machine can solve the most essential things better than a human being.

4. Tell us a Latin American startup you admire.

Many, but today I will choose the following: Rocketfy, great team, great executors. Hoytrabajas, humble, stealthy but accurate, and Mono, challenging, expert and rebellious. In all three I am an angel investor. Oh, and they are all Colombian by birth.

5. What is Vozy’s next step?

To look beyond Latin America and become one of the world’s most important enterprise software companies in the “Conversational AI” category. 

Main image: Humberto Pertuz and Alejandro López, co-founders and Co-CEOs of Vozy (Photo: Vozy)


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