Mensajeros Urbanos plans to bring B2B delivery service to Chile by 2020

Mensajeros Urbanos Plans To Bring B2b Delivery Service To Chile By 2020 Mensajeros Urbanos Plans To Bring B2b Delivery Service To Chile By 2020
mensajeros urbanos plans to bring b2b delivery service to chile by 2020

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Contxto – In a neverending race to cover more territory, the delivery industry is now reaching new heights. In fact, only three months since it first announced its Mexican expansion, Mensajeros Urbanos has now arrived in Chile, too.

Mensajeros Urbanos Plans To Bring B2b Delivery Service To Chile By 2020

The Colombian business-to-business delivery app recently shared plans to land on Chilean shores by the first semester of 2020.

Currently looking forward to closing the year with more than 15,000 monthly available deliveries, it’s planning to increase that number more than threefold by next year.

“We can deliver from the charger that someone left, courier, medicines, food delivery, markets purchases and eCommerce products to mass consumption items to neighborhood stores,” said Santiago Pineda CEO of Mensajeros Urbanos.

Last semester, Mensajeros Urbanos managed to grow by 93 percent compared to 2018’s same period. For the second semester of 2019, they estimate to grow 110 or 115 percent compared to last year’s second half.


Especially catering to e-commerce clients and their shipping needs, today the startup has 16,000 monthly active clients. In its native Colombia, Mensajeros Urbanos launched in Ibagué this month. Moving along, it expects to soon launch in Pereira and Manizales. 

Interestingly enough in Mexico, Mensajeros Urbanos preliminarily launched in Monterrey. Bigger centers such as Mexico City and Guadalajara are next in line.

Today in Monterrey, Mensajeros Urbanos employs 134 active “allies,” as they are called. By the end of 2019, the startup aims to integrate 1,500 or 2,000 in total.

Finally, while Chile is their next ambitious cross-border expansion, Mensajeros Urbanos hasn’t forgotten about Ecuador or Peru, either. Nothing has yet been confirmed regarding these two countries, though.

The company also has a new line, called “masivos.” After only three months in the market, the startup already has three big clients, billing over 30 percent of its entire revenue. It expects to increase to 50 percent in the upcoming years. 

In terms of value proposition, Mensajeros Urbanos’ courier service includes deliveries in under 25 minutes. For their “immediate” line, the average time is 35 to 40 minutes. 

Also when it comes to bigger products, Mensajeros Urbanos doesn’t think of it the same way. Instead of targeting minutes, it now plans to average delivery time from 10 to 11 hours to 5 or 6 hours, doubling the delivery volume.

Special algorithm 

Mensajeros Urbanos developed an optimization algorithm that not only decides the proper delivery vehicle but also the best route.

“We developed an algorithm that is responsible for routing orders, in addition to deciding which vehicles are needed to make an efficient delivery,” said Juan Pablo Pineda, COO of Mensajeros Urbanos. “Through artificial intelligence, the software tells us if we need motorcycles, cycles, cars or trucks and in what quantity to distribute the products well.”

With its new “massive items,” the company has now added buses to its diverse fleet. These are capable of delivering from a small soda batch to a big piece of furniture or even a fridge.


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